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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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International Adoption in Delaware

How to Complete Your International Adoption

There are many different types of adoption. For some people, domestic infant adoption is the best path. Others may find foster care adoption to be better for their situation. But perhaps, for you, international adoption in Delaware could make the most sense for your family.

International adoption in Delaware, also called intercountry adoption, can be an amazing way to grow your family. Like all other types of adoption, international adoption creates an opportunity for you to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent while providing a child with a loving family. There will be unique advantages and disadvantages to a foreign adoption. Being aware of these positives and potential negatives will help inform your decision and determine whether or not international adoption in Delaware is right for you.

As you’re reading, other questions may jump to mind. If you still find yourself considering private domestic infant adoption, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption professional about our agency programs. Until then, continue reading this helpful guide on international adoption in Delaware

International Adoption Facts

It may come as a surprise to some, but international adoption has been steadily declining in the United States for the past decade. Between 2004 and 2017, international adoptions dropped by 76 percent — from 22,991 intercountry adoptions in 2004 to 4,714 in 2017. In Delaware, there were only eight international adoptions completed in 2017.

There are many contributing factors to this, and not all of them are negative. Just because U.S. families are adopting less from other countries doesn’t necessarily mean there are more children without families. The families are, in some cases, coming from countries besides America. Or, as is the case with so many children who are adopted in America, the adoptive parents are from the same country as the child.

With all that being said, the nationwide decline in international adoptions doesn’t mean that intercountry adoption in Delaware is wrong for your family. On the contrary, this could be just right for you. Who knows — maybe you’ll be one of the eight families to complete an international adoption in Delaware this year.

Differences in the International Adoption Process

The international adoption process in Delaware has several steps that are different from the domestic infant adoption process. International adoption can be more complex because it involves the laws of two separate nations, as well as state and local laws in both countries. Along with navigating multiple sets of adoption laws, other legal elements come into play, like international visas for travel. It’s important to work with a qualified adoption professional that has an expert understanding of these things, but it will also help to know some of these steps of the process.

  • Checking Eligibility in Both Countries: When you pursue an international adoption in Delaware, you need to make sure you are eligible to adopt by the standards of both countries. This is clearly different from a domestic infant adoption, when the only federal standards you are concerned with are from the U.S. government. Each country has its own requirements for international adoption, and some can be more restrictive than others. You should check on a country’s requirements before taking any further steps in the process.

  • Child’s Travel Eligibility and Working with the State Department: Just like anyone traveling across international borders, your child will need a U.S. Visa in order to return to the states after your adoption is completed in the foreign country. This is something you will want to work out before you travel. If you delay the Visa until you are already out of the country, there is a chance you could run into complications and spend much more time away from home than you originally anticipated. The type of international adoption in Delaware you are completing will determine which type of Visa your child will need.

  • Waiting for a Child Referral: In most domestic infant adoption situations, a prospective birth mother will choose the adoptive family who she would like to raise her child. In an international adoption in Delaware, you will be referred to a child by your international adoption agency, often with little or no knowledge of the birth family. Many agencies will have an international adoption photolisting that you can look over as well. This means that the possibility of an open adoption is extremely low.

  • The Hague Adoption Convention: The Hague Convention created a set of procedural protections for children, birth parents and adoptive families in the international adoption process. This convention, while the cause of some disagreement, is that standard of the U.S. State Department. Not all countries are Hague accredited, which is something to look into before choosing which country you would like to adopt from.

What is Re-Adoption?

This tends to be the step of intercountry adoption in Delaware that most people are confused by. We understand why — it seems redundant. But the reality is you will most likely need to complete a “re-adoption” when you return to America with your child. Even though you may have already finalized your adoption in the other country, you still need to go before an American court to have the adoption officially recognized by U.S. laws. For an international adoption in Delaware, the re-adoption will be accepted by a court as long as you followed the legal process correctly in the child’s country of origin.

International Adoption Agencies in DE

The international adoption agency in Delaware that you choose to work with can make or break your experience. Having a dedicated professional on your side to help you navigate the complexities of intercountry adoption is vital to success. If you are considering international adoption in Delaware, there are several Delaware international adoption agencies you could choose to work with:

If you still have questions about private domestic infant adoption, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION today to speak with an adoption specialist regarding our agency programs.

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