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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Savannah

Savannah Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Choosing adoption in Savannah, GA means needing information and resources to help the adoption process run smoothly and efficiently. While it may take time, an adoption is worth the wait for both prospective birth families and adoptive families. A Savannah adoption requires an adoption professional, local resources, home study providers, and other services. American Adoptions does serve adoptions in Savannah and can provide the services and resources you need during this journey.

Adoption Professionals in Savannah

When choosing an adoption professional or adoption agency, it’s important to do your research. Find out what the adoption process looks like for different agencies. Also, find out what types of support and resources they offer for both potential birth mothers and adoptive couples. You should ask the adoption agencies you call about things like how to get started with their agency, what their requirements for adoption are, if they provide home study services, and if they have post-placement support. Here are some of the adoption agencies you can contact beyond American Adoptions in Savannah, GA:

Foster Adoption in Savannah

A foster adoption in Savannah can be incredibly rewarding for the family choosing to become foster or adoptive parents. There are additional requirements beyond what is expected from a voluntary adoption. While American Adoptions does not complete foster adoptions, there are other agencies that  do facilitate foster adoptions in Savannah. If a foster adoption is what you are looking for, call one of these organizations for assistance:

Home Study in Savannah, GA

Prospective adoptive couples in Savannah will need to complete a home study before they are approved to become adoptive parents. Per Georgia laws, a home study provider will come to their house at least three times to assess the readiness and commitment of the adoptive family. It is in this way that adoptive families are screened. American Adoptions can refer you to a licensed home study provider in Savannah, GA, like one of these providers:

Hospitals in Savannah, GA

A potential birth mother in Savannah will need to create a hospital/birth plan for her adoption. This plan will include her birth and delivery wishes, as well as when placement with the adoptive family will occur and what her plans are to get home after delivery of her baby. This plan will be mediated by her adoption professional and shared with the chosen adoptive parents, her doctor, and anyone else who will be involved in the labor and delivery process. To complete the hospital plan, a prospective birth mother must choose the hospital that she is most comfortable with. Here are a few of her choices of Savannah, GA, hospitals to have her baby at:

County Courts in Savannah, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Adoptive parents can expect to have their adoption hearing in the county in which the prospective birth mother resides. At the adoption finalization hearing, adoptive parents can expect to be given parental rights for the adopted child by a judge in the county court. Finalization will serve as a celebration of the completed adoption process. Here are links to the Savannah, GA county courts:

Fun in Savannah

Adoptive parents and prospective birth mothers in Savannah will very likely spend some time bonding with each other before the birth of the child who is to be adopted. Adoptive families traveling to Savannah to adopt may also spend some time in the area waiting on legal adoption processes to play out. If you are a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent in Savannah looking for some fun things to do, here are a few options for you:

American Adoptions in Savannah, GA

For more information about our programs for domestic infant adoption in Savannah, GA, please call 1-800-ADOPTION and let an American Adoptions specialist answer any questions you may have. Take it a step further and use American Adoptions for all your adoption needs, whether as a prospective birth parent or adoptive parent. Adoption in Savannah can be a wonderful way to expand your family or to give your unborn child an amazing life.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. America Adoptions, Inc. provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.