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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Columbus, GA

Columbus Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Columbus has much to offer, including the option of adoption for prospective birth parents and adoptive families through American Adoptions. Adoption can be an amazing decision when the experience is properly handled. By using all the resources available, potential birth mothers and adoptive couples can have a positive adoption experience. This guide will walk you through adoption resources for adoption in Columbus and the surrounding areas.

Adoption Agencies in Columbus, GA

The first step after choosing adoption is to contact an adoption agency. While American Adoptions is always an option, there are also local adoption professionals and agencies available for a Columbus adoption. Be sure to do your research when choosing an adoption professional. Ask about the requirements to adopt, steps for the adoption process, and what resources and support they offer pre-placement, during placement, and post-placement for the adoption triad.

Foster Adoption in Columbus, GA

Although American Adoptions doesn’t offer services for foster adoption, this path is still an option for you in Columbus, GA. There are other agencies that are licensed and follow state guidelines for foster adoption. Call one of these agencies to obtain information regarding foster adoption in Columbus, and check what every different organization offers as far as process and support.

Home Study in Columbus, GA

A home study is done for adoptive families after they have made their decision and are looking to be approved as a prospective adoptive family. The home study in Columbus consists of a minimum of three visits by a social worker to the home. The social worker will learn about the family applying to become an adoptive family, and determine if they are ready for the commitment of adopting a child. It is important that a state-licensed provider complete the adoption home study to ensure it complies with state requirements. Here are some home study providers in Columbus, GA:

Hospitals in Columbus

A potential birth mother creating her hospital plan will want to make sure she is close to her hospital and comfortable with her care providers. A hospital plan will outline the birth plan along with the placement plan. It is also important that a prospective birth mother plans for how she will return home from the hospital after birth and placement. With American Adoptions, the prospective birth mother’s adoption specialist will help her develop the hospital plan and share it with the adoptive couple and doctor so that everyone who will be involved in the birth is on the same page. Here are some hospitals in the Columbus area that a prospective birth mother may work with for her labor and delivery of her baby:

County Courts in Columbus

The last step in the legal Columbus adoption process is finalization, which should be a celebration of the end of the adoption process and a new life for the birth and the adoptive families. Here is a list of the county courts for adoption in Columbus, GA, and the surrounding areas:

Fun in Columbus

An adoption process is more than the legal requirements. There is great joy and a period in which the adoptive family and the prospective birth mother get to know each other. Bonding through activities and mutual interests is a great way for them to connect. Also, an adoptive family may be visiting Columbus to go through the adoption process, and need something to do while waiting for the process to complete. Here are a few sites in Columbus, GA that are recommended for some quality time together:

American Adoptions in Columbus, GA

As an adoptive parent or a potential birth parent choosing adoption in Columbus, GA, you may find you want to know more about American Adoptions, our services and resources. Whatever your need is, please feel free to call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist. Remember, adoption can be an amazing choice, and American Adoptions can help you have a positive experience.

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