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Foster Care and Adoption in Idaho

American Adoptions is a private domestic adoption agency, and, as such, is not affiliated with the foster care system. However, the children in foster care in Idaho are in need of families who are willing to either foster parent or adopt from foster care, and this is a cause we’re very passionate about. To help you learn more about this system, we’ve compiled the following information about foster care adoption in Idaho.

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How do you complete a foster care adoption in Idaho?

It’s important to remember that no two adoption situations will ever be exactly alike, particularly where foster care adoption in Idaho is concerned. However, you can expect an Idaho foster care adoption to follow a general outline:

Step 1: Determine whether you’re interested in foster parenting or adopting an older child from the foster care system. If you decide to foster parent, this will mean that you provide a temporary home for a child while their biological parents work on whatever issues they may have in order to eventually regain custody. The goal of the foster care system is always to reunite a child with their biological family whenever possible. However, if the court deems that being reunited with a child’s biological parents is not in his or her best interests, that child will then be legally free for a permanent adoption. These are the children that are eligible for foster care adoption in Idaho.

Step 2: Once you have decided that you do ultimately want to adopt from foster care in Idaho, you’ll want to contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. After requesting information, you will be contacted by either a Resource Peer Mentor or a social worker to get you started on the next steps to completing a foster care adoption.

Step 3: Complete parenting classes. Idaho requires that potential foster parents and adoptive parents complete PRIDE, or Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education, a 27-hour training course.

Step 4: Complete an adoption home study. This is the same process no matter which type of Idaho adoption you pursue. A social worker will evaluate your readiness to adopt based on three different phases: a documentation stage, a home inspection, and interviews with each member of your family.

Step 5: Once your home study is finished, you’ll be ready for placement. Depending on how flexible you are in terms of different adoption situations, this could take a few short weeks or a few months. Once your child is in your home, you’ll be required to undergo post-placement studies and complete the finalization hearing, just as you would in any adoption.

Who can adopt a foster child in Idaho?

To adopt from foster care in Idaho, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Be no more than 40 years older than the child you wish to adopt

  • Have a stable income that will support a family

  • Have enough space in your home for a child

  • Be in adequate physical condition to care for a child

  • Complete PRIDE classes

  • Complete a home study

How much does adopting from foster care in Idaho cost?

The only fee associated with adopting from foster care in Idaho is a fee for processing background checks. However, if a family is approved to foster or adopt a child in the foster care system, this fee will be waived by the Children and Family Services.

Foster Children for Adoption in Idaho

There are more than 1,000 kids in Idaho’s foster care system. Many of these children are eligible for permanent adoption. To see a foster care adoption photolisting, see the Northwest Adoption Exchange or Wednesday’s Child Profiles. To learn more about adopting from foster care in Idaho, please contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

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