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3 FAQs for Preventing an Adoption Disruption

And How American Adoptions Protects You

An adoption disruption is every hopeful adoptive parent’s biggest fear. After all, prospective birth parents can change their minds until they legally sign their consent.

Although a disrupted adoption is not incredibly common, it does happen. So, what proactive steps can you take to prevent a disrupted adoption? In most cases, finding the right adoption agency will do the trick.

Why Choose American Adoptions?

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  • We protect your budget
  • A licensed, regulated agency

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When you contact us online, you can get more adoption information now. Our trusted team is here to answer any questions that you have. Below, you can check out three FAQs and learn how American Adoptions minimizes your odds of failed adoptions and protects your finances.

1. What Is an Adoption Disruption?

An adoption disruption, sometimes called a “failed adoption,” is when the adoption process is stopped at any point before legal finalization.

In some types of adoption, like foster care adoption, a disruption may happen after a child is already in their adoptive family’s care.

With domestic infant adoption, an adoption disruption can occur before or shortly after birth if a prospective birth mother decides to parent the baby. This can happen even after an adoptive family has been chosen. This is part of what makes disruptions so hard. 

Fortunately, American Adoptions minimizes your chances of disruption and, in some cases, can avoid them altogether. In the event of a disruption, your investment and finances are protected through our risk-sharing insurance program.

Many consultants, facilitators and law centers, all of which are not regulated or licensed, may not refund your money. This forces you to repay most, if not all, of the fees to match and start the process over again. On the other hand, our agency will provide 100% of your money back with no “roll over” policy that traps you.

2. How Many Adoptions Fail?

You may be wondering what percentage of adoptions fail. Or, you could be curious about some more general failed adoption statistics. Because of the emotional and financial risk involved, it is common for hopeful parents to think about this.

The rate of disruption in adoption depends on the type of adoption you’re pursuing. Here are a few things to know:

  • Older children adopted through foster care experience a higher rate of adoption disruption than younger children.
  • Failed adoptions in private adoption have not been studied or tracked as thoroughly as foster care adoptions, so those failed adoption statistics are murkier.
  • The national adoption disruption rate for domestic placements is around 10-25%. This rate accounts for many different types of adoption professionals and may not be indicative of any single adoption agency.

3. What Causes Adoption Disruptions?

An adoption disruption could occur for many reasons. The specifics of the prospective birth mother’s situation will determine the likelihood of adoption disruption, but there are other factors at play, too.

Still, adoption agencies can provide support and services to help decrease the likelihood of a disrupted adoption.

When disruptions happen, they’re usually because of a lack of free, 24/7 counseling and emotional support for birth mothers. Here at American Adoptions, we provide those resources.

Below are common reasons why disruptions happen with some adoption professionals:

  • They don’t have staff with degrees in social work or counseling.
  • Their counselor has experience working with adoptive parents but not birth parents.
  • The adoption professional is unavailable outside of normal business hours.
  • The adoption organization doesn’t require counseling for birth mothers.
  • The adoption professional does not provide proper support throughout the adoption process

Every prospective birth mother experiences a range of emotions when placing their baby. Choosing adoption can be difficult. Even when an expectant mother knows parenting is impossible and adoption is the best choice for them, there is still extreme loss associated with the decision.

Adoption comes from love, and that love is still strong even as the baby is placed with another family. Anyone navigating these complex emotions of adoption will benefit from the support of professional counseling, which lowers the likelihood of an adoption disruption.

That’s why we offer our counseling services 24/7, and each prospective birth mother is assigned a licensed adoption specialist who oversees their case from start to finish.

Our social workers understand the needs, concerns and hopes of each prospective birth mother, as many of them are either birth mothers, adoptive parents or adoptees themselves. This support leads to more successful adoptions and fewer failed adoptions for adoptive families like you.


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