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Adoption Home Study in Kentucky

Your Guide to the KY Home Study for Adoption

The home study for adoption in Kentucky is one of the longest steps in the adoption process, so it’s advised to begin as soon as possible.

Anyone who wants to adopt in Kentucky must be cleared by a home study, no matter what type of adoption you choose or what adoption professional you work with. Even if you don't choose to work with American Adoptions, we can help you complete your home study.

To get more information about how you can prepare for your adoption home study, reach out to an adoption specialist today.

The Kentucky adoption home study verifies that you’re physically, financially and emotionally prepared to adopt and raise a child. So although it may seem tedious, it’s an important way to ensure the safety of children.

A  home study for adoption in Kentucky consists of two elements:

  • Documentation

  • A home inspection

Home Study Documentation

You can begin gathering the required documents for your Kentucky adoption home study as soon as possible and get a jump-start on the review processes. Necessary documents include:

  • At least 3 personal references, including one from a relative.

  • At least two financial references.

  • Criminal background checks and fingerprinting, and child abuse and neglect checks.

  • Recent health records from your health professionals.

  • Autobiographical statements from each prospective parent regarding your intent to adopt.

In-Home Visits

A Kentucky home study adoption professional will perform a home inspection and interview you and your family. This is meant to verify that your home is a safe place to raise a child, and that you and your family are prepared for adoption.

The Kentucky adoption home study inspection will involve your social worker touring your home with you to check that you’ve covered all the basic safety precautions for new parents, including:

  • Covered electrical outlets

  • Gated stairways

  • Screens on windows

  • Fenced-in pool areas

  • Toxic materials like cleaning supplies, medicines and chemicals placed out of reach

  • Family emergency plans in the event of fire, flood, medical emergency, etc.

Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally overlooked something. Your social worker is there to point out any possible safety hazards so that you can correct them before placement. When everyone’s goal is the safety and happiness of a child in your home, an adoption home study is successful.

Family interviews with your social worker are a chance for them to get to know you and your feelings about adoption and parenting. Topics range from your interests and hobbies to your own childhoods and parenting techniques.

Post-Placement and Home Study Updates

Once a home study has been completed, it remains valid for up to one year in Kentucky. If you aren’t placed with a child within that time, you’ll need to renew your home study before its annual expiration date.

Any major changes in your life will mean an update to your home study, such as a new job or a move.

When you’re placed with a child, there will be several post-placement home study steps to complete before adoption finalization occurs several months after placement. Your adoption home study professional will guide you through these steps.

Kentucky Adoption Home Study Checklist

There are several things you’ll need to complete a home study for adoption in Kentucky, such as social, medical and financial documentation, safety upgrades to your home, training courses, background checks and more.

Your Kentucky adoption home study provider will be able to review the full Kentucky adoption home study checklist and home study for adoption process with you. To learn more about our agency's process for adoption in Kentucy, call 1-800-ADOPTION now.

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