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How to Complete the Adoption Home Study in Minnesota

The Minnesota home study for adoption is one of the longest steps within the entire adoption process, often taking several months. For this reason, it’s recommended that hopeful adoptive parents begin their home study sooner rather than later.

All prospective adoptive families in Minnesota must first be approved to adopt through a Minnesota-licensed home study provider, no matter what type of adoption or adoption professional you decide to move forward with.

An adoption home study in Minnesota is done to ensure that prospective adoptive parents are emotionally, financially and mentally prepared for adoption. The goal is placing children into homes that are safe and ready to raise an adopted child.

Every Minnesota home study for adoption will involve two parts:

  • Submitting documents

  • Participating in an in-home visit and interview with your home study provider

What Documentation is Needed for Your Minnesota Home Study

Having all the necessary MN home study documents gathered up and ready to go will help prevent any slow-downs while you send off the documentation to be reviewed and processed by all the proper state departments, which can be a time-consuming process.

The documents you’ll be required to submit include:

  • Your birth certificates, driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, pet vaccination records, home deeds, etc.

  • Your up-to-date health and financial records

  • Criminal background checks for all household members over the age of 13, FBI fingerprinting, etc.

  • Individual autobiographical statements talking about your desire to adopt a child

  • Personal references that serve as your reference letter for adoption

  • And more

What’s Required for Your In-Home Visit

The in-home visits required for your home study include a tour of your home as well as interviews with your family conducted by your Minnesota home study adoption provider.

Your home study professional tours your home to ensure that you’ve installed all the basic health and safety precautions to make your home a safe environment for a child, including:

  • Working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Electrical outlet covers

  • Screened windows

  • Working locks on doors and windows

  • Gated stairways

  • Enclosed fireplaces

  • Toxic materials like chemicals, cleaners, and medical stored out of a child’s reach

  • And more

While neither you nor your home needs to be “perfect,” the home study visits serve as a good opportunity for your home study professional to point out any preparations you might still consider incorporating before you’re placed with a child.

The family interviews with your social worker will cover topics such as your individual attitudes about adoption, your parenting techniques, your plans for talking about adoption in your family and more.

When to Update Your MN Adoption Home Study

Completed home studies in Minnesota remain valid for up to one year. Prior to the expiration date of your home study, you’ll need to update it if you haven’t been placed with a child yet.

Updates to your home study are also required any time your life undergoes a relatively major change, such as a new home or a career shift. Individual documents within your home study will need to be updated as they expire at different times according to Minnesota laws.

Once you’ve been placed with a child in your home, you’ll need to complete the post-placement requirements under the guidance of your home study professional before your child’s adoption is finalized in court.

Minnesota Adoption Home Study Checklist

In addition to submitting documents, completing home safety upgrades and adoption training courses, there are several things you’ll need in order to complete a home study for adoption in Minnesota.

To learn more about the home study process in MN and to view the full Minnesota adoption home study checklist, call your adoption home study provider. You can also contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION to learn more about adoption in Minnesota with our agency.

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