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How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Montana [4 Steps]

Choosing the Best Professional for Your Family

If you are curious how to find an adoption agency in Montana, you have options. But, not every adoption agency is the same.

As potential adoptive parents, choosing the right adoption agency will determine many parts of your adoption process. A great adoption agency will act on your behalf and handle the complicated parts of the adoption process, leaving you with peace of mind.

This guide will help you choose an adoption agency that will fit your needs. If you have more specific questions about choosing an adoption agency, you can get free information here.

If you’re a prospective birth mother searching for an adoption agency, you can get information and get connected with one of our experienced adoption support professionals by completing our online contact form or by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

Step 1: Decide What Type of Adoption to Pursue

If you are a prospective birth parent, then you will create an adoption plan with the help of a domestic infant adoption agency, also called a private adoption agency. If you are a hopeful adoptive parent, there are three main types of adoption agencies you can choose from, and they serve different purposes.

If you are interested in adopting an infant domestically, you can choose between local and national adoption agencies.

Local Adoption Agencies in Montana

Local agencies are only licensed in a specific state or area, and usually focus on connecting you with people in the same geographical area. These agencies tend to have smaller staffs and work with fewer birth parents and adoptive parents.

National Adoption Agencies in Montana

National agencies, on the other hand, are licensed with multiple states and usually have larger staffs and shorter wait times for adoptive families. They can work with people who adopt locally or across state lines, and often provide more support for birth mothers and adoptive families than a local agency is able to.

American Adoptions is one such national adoption agency. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists about how to find an adoption agency in Montana, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time.

Another option is to pursue an international adoption, which requires an agency with specialized knowledge in the international adoption process.

International Adoption Agencies in Montana

International adoption has become less common due to changes in international regulations. Children are often adopted at an older age and come from another culture, which can bring unique challenges. If you are seeking an international adoption, you should look for a Hague-accredited agency.

Depending on what you are looking for, adopting through foster care may also be an option for you.

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Montana

Foster care adoption works differently than traditional adoption. In foster care adoption, the children are not under the care of their birth parents. Instead, they are placed through the foster care system.

In most cases being a foster parent is temporary and does not lead to adoption, as the long-term goal of foster care is to reunite children with their birth parents if possible. However, there are some opportunities to adopt, more often with older children. If you are open to adopting older children this choice may be a better fit for you than if you are only interested adopting an infant.

Step 2: Do Research

Once you have chosen the type of adoption you would like, you can do research about the best agencies.

Many people start with Google when doing research about how to find an adoption agency in Montana. This can be a fast and easy way to get a lot of information, but make sure that you also verify the information you see with an adoption professional.

Step 3: Contact Agencies and Ask Questions

Once you have an idea of what adoption experience you are looking for, it’s time to start asking questions. Getting in touch with a professional is incredibly important. It can be the beginning of a supportive relationship that will last throughout the adoption process.

If you’d like to talk to us today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION. Our specialists are here to answer any of your questions and help you get started with your process.

You should ask as many questions as you can think of. A good adoption agency will appreciate your thoroughness and interest in the process. Below we’ve gathered some of the questions that might be helpful to ask, and some things you should look for as you listen to responses.

Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency in Montana:

  • How is your agency licensed?

  • What support do you offer to birth mothers and women considering adoption?

  • What is the cost of adoption at your agency, and what is included in the cost?

  • How do you prevent adoption disruptions?

  • How are adoption disruptions handled if they happen?

  • What pre-adoption support do families get?

  • What pre-adoption education and training do you provide?

  • What support will my family and the prospective birth mother receive during the adoption process?

What to Look for in Responses

  • Professionalism: Your adoption professional will represent you and handle many important tasks that you are not equipped to handle yourself. Any adoption agency you choose should be fully licensed and have experienced staff.

  • Transparency: An adoption agency should be open about the costs of adoption and what is included in those costs.

  • Clarity: Agencies may throw out very short wait times with no clear data. A good agency keeps track of their placement records and will have clear and accurate answers about previous placements.

  • Compassion: Adoption is an emotional journey. If you feel comfortable and understood, this is likely the same way that potential birth mothers will feel if they call the agency.

Step 4: Choose an Agency and Begin the Adoption Process

Once you feel like your questions are all answered, it’s time to choose an adoption agency. Choosing an adoption agency is a personal decision, and there’s no “right answer” that will work for everyone. When you find one that meets your needs and expectations, you can call an agency and begin the adoption process.

Adoption can be beautiful, but there may be parts that are challenging, so prepare for some ups and downs, and get ready for your life to change.

For any questions you still have about choosing an adoption agency or to get started with the adoption process, you can get free adoption information today or call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 1-800-ADOPTION.


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