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What are the Requirements to Adopt in Rhode Island?

Wish to adopt a child in Rhode Island? Making sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for your adoption is an important first step.

The requirements to adopt a child in Rhode Island will vary depending on what type of adoption you choose to pursue. Some are more extensive than others, so working with an experienced adoption professional from the beginning will be invaluable. American Adoption can answer all your questions about domestic infant adoption in Rhode Island

If you are wondering “How hard is it to adopt a child?” the answer is: it depends. Adopting a child through a national domestic adoption agency will have different requirements compared to adopting through foster care. Likewise, adopting internationally will have its own set of requirements.

Rhode Island Adoption Qualifications

Like any state, Rhode Island will have its own requirements for adoption. Below, find some answers to general questions that you may be wondering about adopting in Rhode Island.

How old do you have to be to adopt in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, both foster and adoptive parents must be at least 21 years of age.

Do you have to be married to adopt in Rhode Island?

There are no marriage requirements for Rhode Island, and anyone can become an adoptive parent. LGBT and single parents are also welcome to adopt in Rhode Island.

What are the financial requirements for Rhode Island?

While you do not need to own your own home, your adoption agency will want to make sure that you are financially able to provide for your child. This information will be gathered during the home study portion of your adoption.

What are the requirements to adopt a child with American Adoptions?

Like other agencies, American Adoptions requires certain things before hopeful parents are able to adopt.

If they choose to work with our agency, prospective parents will need to meet our program requirements:

  • Be 25-50 years old

  • Be married for a minimum of two years

  • At least one spouse must be a U.S. citizen

If you have any questions about our adoption requirements, please call 1-800-ADOPTION for more information. If you do not meet these requirements, but would like to learn more about our exception process, you are welcome to call and speak with an adoption specialist for more information. Our counselors stand ready to discuss your adoption goals and help you decide whether our program is right for you.

American Adoptions also provides a number of additional services for hopeful adoptive parents that are looking to grow their family. These services include:

  • Connections to trusted legal representation

  • Case management before, during, and after the child’s birth

  • Counseling, guidance, and education throughout the adoption process

  • And so much more!

Learn more by contacting us today.

Requirements to Become a Foster Parent

While American Adoptions is unable to facilitate a foster care adoption, you still have several options if you wish to pursue this type of adoption in Rhode Island. Before you can begin your foster care journey, you will need to become certified by completing an application through a licensed foster care agency. After your application is complete, a background check and fingerprinting is needed for all adult applicants.

Once your documents have been received and approved, you can then begin your training. This will be a 10-week process that is mandatory for anyone hoping to become a foster parent. Like you would with domestic adoption, you will also need to complete a foster care adoption home study. After the classes and home study are completed, you are well on your way to becoming a foster parent.

Are You Emotionally Ready for Adoption?

Not only will you need to make sure that you are both financially and practically ready for adoption, you will need to consider if you are emotionally ready to pursue adoption. This will be a lifelong process, and while it will be a rewarding experience, there will be highs and lows. This will be a journey that requires:

  • Being emotionally prepared for the adoption journey and all the challenges that come with it.

  • Grieving of infertility and any dreams of a genetically related child.

  • Being on the same page as your partner when it comes to adoption, including views on parenting style and goals for the adoption.

  • Expecting a level of openness with the birth parents; a child’s desire to learn more about their history and culture, and to spend time with their birth parents; and a discussion of these with your partner before your adoption.

If you have any additional questions regarding the qualifications for adoption in Rhode Island with our agency, or if you would like more information on beginning the adoption process with us today, please call 1-800-ADOPTION for more information.

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