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Adoption in Kent, WA

Kent Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

As a hopeful adoptive parent or an expectant mother considering placing your baby for adoption, when you are just beginning to research your options for adoption in Kent, finding the right information and best available options can seem like a near-impossible task.

American Adoptions is here to help.

American Adoptions provides all of the information, resources and services you need to complete an adoption in Washington, whether you’re adopting a child or placing a child for adoption in Kent. As one of the top national adoption agencies in the country, we will work with you through every step of the Kent adoption process. To Learn more about adoption in Kent with our agency, call 1-800-ADOPTION now, or you can also request your free adoption information online.

In the meantime, we have compiled this guide to provide you with information on the local resources that are available as you get started with the Kent adoption process.

Adoption Agencies in Kent, Washington

National adoption agencies, specifically American Adoptions, are able to offer the full scope of services needed to complete domestic infant adoptions in Kent, for both adoptive families and also pregnant women considering placing their baby for adoption. Although there are many benefits to smaller, local agencies, they simply cannot match the expertise and network of a national agency.

Some of the services American Adoptions provides include:

  • Counseling and support

  • Adoption screening services

  • Adoptive family video profiles to help prospective birth mothers find the perfect adoptive parents

  • Financial support for prospective birth mothers during their pregnancies

  • Limited adoption wait times

  • Adoption disruption insurance

  • Referrals for home study services and legal representation

  • Advertising for hopeful adoptive parents and help finding adoption opportunities

  • Contact mediation

  • And more

American Adoptions has helped change the lives of thousands of birth mothers and adoptive families. If you are considering adoption in Kent, make sure you consider letting us help you through the process.

If you would prefer to work with a local agency, here are some of the adoption agencies that parents and expectant mothers in the Kent area may choose to work with:

Foster Care Adoption in Kent

Every day, children enter the Washington foster care system, not knowing what their future will hold. The ultimate goal is to reunite these children with their biological parents, but oftentimes that is not an option because the parents have lost their parental rights. Once this occurs, the child becomes eligible for foster care adoption.

Children available for adoption in the foster care system are typically older, may come from sibling groups, have a volatile background or have special needs. For adoptive parents with less concerns about age and background preferences, who are more concerned with providing a safe and loving home for a child, foster care adoption provides an opportunity to do so.

American adoptions is unable to assist with foster care or foster care adoptions, as we specialize in private domestic infant adoptions, but we acknowledge and support the life-changing results foster care adoption can bring. If you would like to pursue foster care adoption in Kent, contact any of these professionals for more information:

International Adoption in Kent

Although American Adoptions specializes in domestic adoption and does not complete international adoptions, we support the incredible opportunity adopting a child from another country provides.

For adoptive parents, keep in mind that with travel, different rules and regulations and the involvement of two countries, the international process can quickly become lengthy and challenging. Fortunately, Kent has several different international agencies licensed and experienced in adoptions from various countries to help you begin your one of the largest steps in the international process: the adoption dossier.

Kent adoption specialists will guide you through every step of the complex process of international adoption to help make it go as smooth as possible. Contact any of these international adoption agencies if you think adopting a child from another country is best for you:

Kent Adoption Lawyers

An adoption attorney is an important and required part of an adoption in Kent. Every adoption will utilize the services of an adoption attorney. Your lawyer will complete the legal steps of the adoption, such as adoption consent and finalization.

American Adoptions has a large network of available adoption attorneys, and we will provide references and help facilitate legal representation for our prospective birth and adoptive families. If you choose to work with an agency that does not provide you with referrals to an adoption attorney, you will need to find your own.

You have the option to work with any of the following Kent-area adoption attorneys:

Home Study Professionals in Kent

Before adoptive parents can pursue any type of adoption in Kent, they must complete an approved adoption home study from a Washington-licensed home study provider. The home study includes a review of your financial and medical history, interviews with all residents of the home and more, all to evaluate your readiness to become a parent.

This is usually the longest step in the adoption process, so it’s recommended that you contact any of the home study providers below or visit 1-800-HOMESTUDY to find a provider in the Kent area:

Kent Hospitals for Maternity Care and Delivery

American Adoptions helps pregnant women create adoption plans and also gives them the opportunity to create hospital plans with their specialist.

The hospital plan will determine where your medical care and delivery will take place and provide clarity on smaller details for the delivery itself. Preference on who is in delivery room, if any alone time with the baby is desired, and how placement and the interaction with the adoptive parents should go are just some of the decisions made for the hospital plan.

By creating a plan and informing the staff and adoptive parents, the goal of the hospital plan is to help eliminate some of the confusion and stress that can arise during your hospital stay.

The following hospitals may be included as part of your hospital plan for your adoption in Kent:

Kent Adoption Finalization Courts

In order to complete your adoption in Kent, after placement occurs, you will need to schedule a finalization hearing with the King County court system.

During your finalization hearing, a judge will review your home study documentation and ask questions regarding how you are adapting to placement and parenthood. Once the judge approves, they will issue a final decree of adoption. At this point, your child is a legal member of your family.

Kent Attractions

Adoptive families visiting Kent and looking for things to do in the area have plenty of great options. Already in the beautiful state of Washington and being just a short drive from Seattle, the sights and attractions are in abundance. Here are a few that we suggest you visit:

Adoption is a life-changing decision, one which you don’t have to make alone. American Adoptions is here to help with anything you need, no matter where you are at in the adoption process. For more information about starting your adoption in Kent with American Adoptions, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or request free information online

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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