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Adoption in Casper

Casper Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

So, you’re thinking about adoption in Wyoming.

Adoption can be an amazing thing. It can also be challenging, and getting started may seem confusing. That’s why we’ve created this guide to Casper adoption. Whether you are an adoptive family or an expectant mother, considering adoption is brave decision, and we’re glad you’re here.

Understanding the adoption process and the local resources available to you will give you a clearer picture of if adoption is the best route for you. With the right knowledge and the right guidance, you can complete a successful Casper adoption that benefits everyone involved: the prospective birth mother, hopeful adoptive parents and child. You can also contact us online to get more free information about adoption in Wyoming.

Adoption Agencies in Casper, WY

The first thing to understand about the adoption process is that you don’t have to go through it alone. When you want to adopt in Casper, or want to place your baby for adoption, you’ll need to find an adoption professional that you can trust. There are several different types of adoption professionals, and only you can know which one is best for you.

As a fully licensed national adoption agency, American Adoptions is ready and equipped to help you during your Casper adoption process. We are a full-service agency, which means our dedicated staff can guide you through every step of the process. And being a “national” adoption agency simply means we work in all 50 states to find the right placement for prospective birth mothers and adoptive families.

When working with American Adoptions, you’ll receive support like:

Alternatively, you could also consider working with a local adoption professional for your Casper adoption. In a smaller town like Casper, there are only a couple options. The local adoption agency most people in Wyoming would consider working with is Catholic Charities of Wyoming.

Casper Adoption Attorneys

Every step of the adoption process has legal requirements attached to it. There are piles of paperwork and loads of requirements that need to be met. During your adoption in Casper, you’ve already got a lot on your mind. Trying to keep track of all of this by yourself would be nearly impossible. Thankfully, you don’t have to. You’ll work with an adoption attorney who will make sure your adoption process is proceeding lawfully.

American Adoptions has a trusted network of adoption attorneys around the country. When we work with you during your Casper adoption, we recommend an attorney so that you don’t have to spend time researching your options. But if you do love researching, you can do that, too. In Casper, WY, there are a couple adoption attorneys you could look into:

Other Types of Adoption in Casper

American Adoptions only works in a type of adoption called domestic infant adoption. But if you are a hopeful family considering adoption, there are other kinds of adoption you can consider. Even though we don’t serve these types of adoption, we want you to grow your family in whichever way is best for you.

Aside from domestic infant adoption, you could consider:

Foster care adoption is the most common type of nonrelative adoption in the United States. The process is inexpensive, which many families find appealing, but it can also be somewhat unpredictable. If you are interested in learning more about foster care adoption in Casper, you should contact Wyoming’s Department of Family Services.

International adoption has been declining in the U.S. since its peak in 2004, but it is still something thousands of families do each year. It could be the right type of adoption for you. To get started with an international adoption in Casper, you need to find a trusted international adoption agency.

Casper Adoption Home Study Services

Regardless of which type of adoption you choose, you will need to go through a home study as an adoptive family. This is when a licensed social worker reviews your home, lifestyle and adoption readiness to make sure you are fit to be placed with a child. The home study exists to make sure no child is put into a bad situation. If you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated, just remember that this is done for the protection of children.

For your Casper adoption, American Adoptions can refer you to a home study provider. You can also look for a provider on your own. We recommender starting at to find trustworthy home study providers.

Maternity Hospitals in Casper, WY

As an expectant mother, you get to make a lot of decision that will determine how the adoption process goes. Working with an adoption specialist, you’ll create an adoption plan that includes things like how open the adoption is and a hospital plan. The hospital plan dictates what will happen when it’s time for you to give birth, which can be one of the most emotional parts of the Casper adoption process.

For your adoption in Casper, you can choose from a couple different maternity hospitals when creating your adoption plan. These include:

Casper Courts for Finalizing Your Adoption

Toward the end of the adoption process, after the hospital stay and placement, the adoptive family still needs to finalize the adoption. This means going through several post-placement visits before a court date when a judge will issue your final decree of adoption. For your Casper adoption, you will most likely need to schedule that court date at the Natrona County Courthouse.

Begin Your Casper Adoption Today

If you are ready to begin the adoption process today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist. They will answer any questions you have about adoption in Casper and help you start the process today. 

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