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Open Adoption in Wyoming

How Adoption Can Become an Ongoing Relationship

Open adoption in Wyoming and across the country is becoming increasingly common in domestic infant adoption. As an expectant mother considering adoption, this is important to know. And it can be great news for your adoption plan.

Until recently, open adoption in Wyoming was much less common. The whole adoption process was unfortunately connected to feelings of shame and secrecy. This resulted in many birth mothers having no say over their own adoption process, and oftentimes never knowing what happened to their baby after adoption.

Cultural attitudes toward adoption have improved drastically, along with better research of how adoption is done best. The result is a process that gives the prospective birth mother the respect and authority she deserves, along with the increasing prominence of open adoption.

If you’re wondering how open adoption works in Wyoming, or if it is possible for you, this guide will answer your questions. You can also contact us online at any time to learn more about open adoption in Wyoming.

What Is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is an ongoing communication between the prospective birth mother and adoptive family. This communication can begin pre-placement so that everyone has a chance to get to know each other before the birth. Open adoption in Wyoming will also continue post-placement, creating a sustained connection between the birth mother, adoptive parents and child.

Every open adoption looks different. There are varying levels of communication possible, ranging from occasional photo and letter updates to in-person visits. It all depends on the details you are comfortable with when you create your adoption plan.

Types of Open Adoption in Wyoming

In broad categories, there are three ways to define open adoption in Wyoming.

  • Open Adoption: A Wyoming open adoption relationship consists of sharing identifying information — like names, phones numbers or addresses — between the adoptive parents and prospective birth mother. Typically, open adoption relationships are not facilitated by a third party, and the relationship grows more organically as time goes on.

  • Semi-open Adoption: The most common type of adoption, a semi-open adoption in Wyoming is a mediated form of open adoption. Identifying details may or may not be shared depending on each unique adoption plan, and communication is typically facilitated by an adoption specialist. Semi-open adoption in Wyoming creates the space for communication while still protecting privacy, which is why it is the most commonly chosen type of open adoption in Wyoming.

  • Closed Adoption: Although it is the least common of the three options, closed adoption in Wyoming is still possible in domestic infant adoption if that is what the prospective birth mother wants. In a closed adoption, there is no contact pre-placement or post-placement with the adoptive family. While this isn’t the best choice for many prospective birth mothers, the sense of finality and closure can be healthy for some.

Open Adoption Facts in Wyoming

More than 90 percent of domestic infant adoptions today are at least semi-open. This may come as a surprise, but it really is that common. Hopeful parents who are considering adoption know this too, which means that they will be prepared for an open adoption.

In fact, every family working with American Adoptions agrees upfront to at least a semi-open adoption. If you want an open adoption in Wyoming, you don’t have to worry about a potential adoptive family disagreeing with what you want. They are on board, too.

Another Wyoming open adoption fact is that research has shown most fears about open adoption are unfounded. On the whole, open adoption provides benefits to everyone involved in adoption. Those benefits are worth a closer look.

Benefits of Open Adoption in Wyoming

The adoption triad refers to the three primary groups involved in adoption: the prospective birth mother, the adoptive parents and the child. Open adoption is beneficial to all three points of the triad in unique ways.

  • For prospective birth mothers, open adoption in Wyoming creates the opportunity to stay connected with your baby. Adoption is a decision that comes from love, because you want your child to have a great life. Through open adoption, you can see that life coming into reality over the years. Many birth mothers find that open adoption in Wyoming gives them a sense of confidence about choosing adoption.

  • Adoptive parents, while potentially nervous at first, often find that open adoption in Wyoming creates a meaningful, important relationship with the prospective birth mother. If you picture the adoption triad as a triangle, the whole thing is stronger when this side that connects adoptive parents and birth mothers is given energy and effort.

  • Open adoption in Wyoming may have the most profound impact on children who are adopted. As they begin to grow and learn their own story, open adoption gives them the chance to hear from their birth mother. She can explain that her decision came from love, and that being adopted can be something to be proud of. Children in open adoption relationships can know that they are loved by both their adoptive parents and their biological mother.

Start Your Wyoming Open Adoption Today

Does open adoption in Wyoming sound like the right thing for you? If you want to begin the adoption process, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist. Even if you are still unsure about adoption, our adoption specialists will answer your questions and give you the information you need to make the right choice.

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