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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Penny's Adoption Story

I decided to place my baby for adoption early on in the pregnancy. However, I did not call the adoption agency until the day before I gave birth. The adoption counselor was absolutely wonderful, and made me feel so completely comfortable. I knew I was not in the position that would be condusive to raising a child, and as awful as it might sound, I did not want to keep it. Knowing full well that the child would be better off with two parents that wanted it, rather than one parent who didn't. The social worker who I dealt with was so kind and supportive. She seemed to really care. She made it easier to deal with the whole situation. I decided that my child deserved what I could not give it, which was two loving parents. Someone who could love and care for it the rest of its life. Thankfully American Adoptions was able to help me, and give my baby a chance for the perfect life. That is something that I, myself, could not give him. I am getting on with life knowing that my child now has the life I could not give it and I am glad that I choose the route that I did. I have big plans for the future which is completing my college education and pursing my career goals. I can go about the plans, knowing that I made the right decision for my baby and myself.

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