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Foster Care Agencies in Alaska [Are They Right for You?]

There are many ways to grow your family in Alaska. Which is best for you will depend on your lifestyle, your home, what you’re looking for in a family planning process, etc.

If you’re interested in adopting an older child or a sibling group, a foster care agency in Alaska may be the professional for you. Foster care is a beautiful way to have the family of your dreams while giving a child a loving and stable home. But how do you find a foster agency in Alaska?

This article breaks down what to look for in an Alaska foster family agency and what to think about when considering foster care adoption. Even though we’re a domestic infant adoption agency, we can still point you in the right direction. Reach out to an adoption specialist today to get the guidance you need.

What are Foster Care Agencies in Alaska?

A foster care facility in Alaska is an organization that operates within the foster care system on behalf of the Alaskan government. Foster care agencies in Alaska work with families wanting to foster children and hopeful adoptive families wanting to expand their families through adoption.

While foster care is a beautiful way to add to your family, adopting from fostering agencies in Alaska can be unpredictable. A child is placed in foster care when their home environment becomes unsafe or unstable. The ultimate goal of foster care is to reunite the child with their biological family when their living situation improves.

In many cases, the foster child may not be reunited with their biological family. When this happens, the child then becomes eligible for adoption. There are currently 700 children who are eligible to be adopted in the Alaska foster care system.

However, there’s no way to guarantee that a foster child will be able to be adopted. You may end up fostering a child who will eventually be reunited with their family. While this is of course a positive thing, it may be difficult to cope with when you want to bring a new, permanent member into your family.

To find foster agencies in Alaska, you can start with the National Foster Care and Adoption Directory Search.

Pros of Foster Care Agencies in Alaska

If you’re considering adopting from a foster agency in Alaska, there are many benefits such as:

  • How many are waiting to be adopted. In Alaska, there are 2,939 in foster care. Of these, 866 are waiting to be adopted through a foster care agency in Alaska. This means that there are 866 children who are waiting for a warm and loving family.

  • Cost. Private domestic adoption can be expensive, ranging between $40,000 and $50,000. There are many valid reasons behind these prices, but if you can’t afford these prices, adopting from a foster family agency may be for you. For adopting from foster care, the most you may be expected to pay is $2,500.

  • Unlikely to experience a disruption.  If a child is waiting to be adopted through a foster care center in Alaska, that means their biological family’s parental rights have been terminated.  That means the biological parents can’t regain custody of their child, and they will remain in foster care until age 18 or until they’re adopted by loving adoptive parents like yourself.

Cons of Foster Care Agencies in Alaska

While there are many benefits to adopting from foster agencies in Alaska, there are also many disadvantages to consider such as:

  • Trauma and emotional difficulties. Many children who are in foster care agencies in Alaska have gone through some form of trauma or difficult emotional experiences. That means he or she will have a lot to work through. This may require special attention, time, money and emotional effort. Even though there is room for positive growth with your love and care, it can be challenging for new adoptive parents.

  • Unpredictability. If you’re adopting from a foster care agency in Alaska,   you will likely do so by fostering to adopt. This means you will temporarily foster a child with the possibility that their biological parents’ parental rights will be terminated, making them eligible for adoption. While this is a possibility, it doesn’t always happen. This can be heartbreaking.  Since the goal of foster family agencies in Alaska is to reunite the child with their family, you may not have the opportunity to adopt them.

Adoption is Always an Adoption

If you want to grow your family and give a hopeful child a loving family, you can always adopt from a domestic adoption agency like American Adoptions.  When you work with us or another adoption agency, you’ll have access to a variety of helpful services such as:

  • Shorter wait times. Because national adoption agencies in Alaska advertise their hopeful adoptive families all over the country, you will likely be connected with an adoption opportunity in a shorter amount of time.

  • Financial protection. While adoption disruptions are rare, they do happen. Domestic adoption agencies have risk-sharing programs that ensure that you get your money back if a disruption does occur.

  • Help mediating contact. Your adoption specialist will be able to help mediate communication between the birth parents before, during and after the adoption.

  • And more.

If you need more information about foster care agencies in Alaska or are interested in adopting from a domestic adoption agency, you can reach out to one of our adoption specialists today to get more information.

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