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Private Domestic Adoption Agencies [What They Can Do For You]

If you’re considering adoption, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of adoption professionals out there. This will be the first decision you make in the adoption process.

There will be many factors that play into determining which adoption professional is right for you such as your lifestyle, whether or not you already have children, etc.

No matter where you’re at in your adoption journey or what your situation looks like, American Adoptions can help prospective adoptive parents have the family of their dreams and expectant birth mothers give their baby the best life possible. Because we’re a national private domestic adoption agency, we have the tools you need to have a successful adoption experience.

But what exactly is a domestic adoption agency? To answer this question, we’ve created this guide to what a private adoption agency in Alaska is and how they can help you. To get more information about domestic adoption agencies, reach out to an adoption specialist today.

What is a Private Adoption Agency?

Private adoption agencies or domestic adoption agencies in Alaska are agencies that help facilitate domestic infant adoption. This type of adoption consists of expectant birth parents placing their baby with a hopeful adoptive family of their choice. Private adoption agencies aid this placement and act as a catalyst to help both parties through the adoption process.

What Services do Private Agencies Provide?

There are many benefits of working with a private adoption agency in Alaska. The main benefit is all the services and resources they will be able to provide you with. Just a few of these services are:

For Birth Mothers

  • 24/7 counseling. Unplanned pregnancy and adoption are emotionally complex experiences. Like many private agencies in Alaska, American Adoptions has adoption specialists available 24/7 if you need to talk through your emotions or need guidance or advice.

  • Financial assistance. As a birth mother, adoption is completely free to you. Unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming enough without factoring in financial stress. You will be eligible for financial assistance provided by the adoptive family and adoption agency. This financial assistance can go towards living expenses and pregnancy costs throughout your adoption process.

  • Matching services. You will be in complete control of your adoption plan. Part of this plan includes choosing the hopeful adoptive parents for your baby. You will be able to review adoptive family profiles of prospective adoptive parents that fit your preferences. Your adoption specialist will be able to help you if you run into issues, but the choice will always be yours.

For Adoptive Parents

  • Screening. When you work with a private adoption agency in Alaska, you’re more likely to avoid adoption scams. American Adoptions thoroughly screens all birth mothers to ensure they are prepared for and committed to adoption. While it doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any disruptions, it makes it significantly less likely.

  • Financial protection. As stated above, adoption disruptions can happen. But that doesn’t mean you will lose all the money you already put towards your adoption opportunity. Many private agencies like American Adoptions have risk-sharing programs that ensure you will be refunded in full.

  • Shorter wait times. If you work with a private adoption agency in Alaska like American Adoptions which operates nationally, you will likely experience a shorter adoption wait time. This is because national adoption agencies work with expectant mothers all over the country, which means you’re more likely to be chosen in a shorter amount of time.

How are Domestic Adoption Agencies Regulated?

Private domestic adoption agencies in Alaska are liscensed after being reviewed by the government. Their licensure means that they can complete an adoption in whatever state(s) that it is liscensed in. In the case of a national agency like American Adoptions, this is all 50 states. This means they are able to complete interstate adoptions. A local agency is typically only liscensed in the select states they practice in.

Local agencies are reviewed each year by their state governments, so you can be sure they are always operating within their state’s adoption laws. National agencies are reviewed multiple times a year because each state government typically reviews them multiple times a year. This guarantees a degree of built-in security.

How to Find Private Adoption Agencies

If a private domestic adoption agency in Alaska sounds like the adoption professional for you, you can browse any of the agencies below:

If you’re ready to begin your adoption journey today, contact an adoption specialist to get started.

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