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Adoption in Norwalk, CA

Norwalk Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

If you’re considering adoption in Norwalk, California as a hopeful adoptive parent or an expectant mother, researching your options and knowing what resources you have available is important. you may feel overwhelmed by the process ahead of you.

Finding the information and services you need in one place isn’t always easy. To help you with your research, American Adoptions has created the following guide for adoption in Norwalk.

As a full-service, national infant adoption agency, American Adoptions has the ability to provide any and all services you may need during your adoption in Norwalk. We work with potential birth mothers and adoptive families through every step of the adoption process, to help ensure their adoption goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more about our adoption services or to get started today, you can request more information online, or call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist.

You can also continue reading the following guide for resources and more information on adoption in Norwalk.

Adoption Agencies in Norwalk

As a national adoption agency, focusing on domestic infant adoptions, American Adoptions can provide services for every step of the adoption process, for both prospective birth mothers and hopeful parents pursuing adoption in Norwalk. Our realm of services is unmatched. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Free, 24/7 counseling and information for women considering adoption

  • Financial protection for adoptive parents in the case of an adoption disruption

  • Screening services to ensure everyone in the adoption process is safe to work with and committed to adoption

  • Coordinating contact between prospective birth and adoptive parents before and after adoption

  • Assistance for prospective birth mothers who need help getting the care they need during their pregnancies and after placement

  • Referrals to trusted adoption attorneys, California-licensed home study professionals and more

  • Post-placement services for adoptive families and birth parents

  • And more

Working with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions can offer numerous advantages, both for hopeful adoptive families and women making an adoption plan.

If you’re interested in working with a local agency, keep in mind American Adoptions has offices in California, which offers you the experience and services of a national agency, but with the local, personal feel of a nearby professional. Our office is located at:

633 West 5th Street
26th and 27th Floors
Los Angeles, CA 90071

If you would prefer to explore other local resources, you might consider the following Norwalk adoption professionals:

Foster Care Adoption in Norwalk

As a domestic infant adoption agency, American Adoptions does not complete foster care adoptions, but we do value foster care, and foster care adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family.

With thousands of children entering the California foster care system each year, it is the perfect opportunity for adoptive parents who are not concerned about age. Most of the children in the foster care system come from sibling groups, are older or may have special needs. These children become eligible for adoption after their biological parents have lost their parental rights. The opportunity to provide these children a fresh start, in a loving home, is truly life-changing. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent or adopting a child from the foster care system in Norwalk, these resources can help:

International Adoption in Norwalk

American Adoptions does not provide international adoption services, but this doesn’t mean it isn't a great alternative to domestic adoption. With more restrictions and requirements, travel, and the US government as well as the government in the country from which you are adopting from being involved, the international adoption process tends to take longer than all other types of adoption. This should not deter you, as many hopeful parents in Norwalk have successfully built their families through international adoption.

Once you have decided which country you would like to adopt from you should find an agency that is licensed and experienced in adoption from that country. Your agency will help you complete all necessary requirements and guide you through the process.  If you are thinking about an intercountry adoption in Norwalk, the following organizations may be able to help:

Norwalk Adoption Lawyers

Every type of adoption requires the assistance of an adoption attorney to ensure all of the legal steps of the process are completed properly. This goes for both adoptive parents and also prospective birth mothers.  When you choose American Adoptions, your adoption specialist will connect you with a trusted lawyer, familiar with the Norwalk adoption process.

If you are working with an agency that does not provide this service, you will need to locate an attorney on your own. Some adoption attorneys in the Norwalk area include:

Home Study Professionals in Norwalk

Regardless of the type of adoption you choose to pursue, you will need to complete a California adoption home study, approved by a California licensed home study provider. The home study is essentially an overview of your life and home that ensures you are ready to raise a child.

Families who work with American Adoptions will be referred to a trusted home study provider in the Norwalk area. If you need to find a home study provider on your own, you can always visit 1-800-HOME STUDY to find the best resources available in your area; to help you complete this step for your Norwalk adoption.

Norwalk Hospitals for Maternity Care and Delivery

Every prospective birth mother who works with American Adoptions will create a hospital plan which details how she envisions her labor and delivery experience. This plan outlines everything from where the baby will be born to how she would prefer placement to take place. Having this plan predetermined and put into place will help eliminate questions or concerns when the time comes for the delivery.

This plan is shared with staff at the hospital and also the adoptive parents, so that everyone is on the same page when the day arrives. Adoptive parents can expect to travel to the hospital chosen by the potential birth mother.

The hospital plan for your Norwalk adoption may involve one of the following hospitals:

Norwalk Adoption Finalization Courts

Before a Norwalk adoption can be considered legally complete, it must be finalized in court. In order for this to happen, the adoptive family will have to have a finalization hearing. After placement, your attorney will schedule your hearing date and walk you through the legal process.

Generally, the hearing is brief, in which the judge will review all documentation and ask questions about how you and your child are adjusting to placement. Upon approval, the judge will issue a final decree of adoption which makes your child a legal member of your family.

If you are adopting in Norwalk, your finalization hearing will take place through the Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Norwalk Attractions

If you are traveling to Norwalk for adoption, odds are, you will have down time while waiting for your adoption to be approved. This will give you a chance to explore all of the sights and sounds Norwalk has to offer. Being just a short drive from historic Los Angeles, there is so much to see. Here are some suggestions:

For more information about how American Adoptions can help you complete your Norwalk adoption, contact us online or give us a call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a licensed social worker.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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