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Should I Work With a Private Adoption Agency? [Yes - Here's Why]

Private Domestic Adoption Agencies and How They Help

There is more than one way to adopt, and figuring out what type of adoption is best for you is the first big decision you’ll make in your California adoption process.

One of the most common ways is by working with a private adoption agency for a private domestic adoption. Whether you’re a prospective birth mother looking for information on private adoption or a hopeful adoptive family ready to adopt a newborn to start your family, this guide has the information you need to better understand private domestic adoption agencies.

You can speak with one of our experienced professionals today by filling out our free contact form. We’re always ready to help you get started on your journey with a U.S. adoption agency. American Adoptions of California operates as an adoption facilitator and partners with a California affialiate agency providing local agency serivces. 

What are Private Domestic Adoption Agencies in California?

Private domestic adoption – or domestic infant adoption – is when birth parents voluntarily place their baby for adoption with an adoptive family that they choose. To facilitate this type of placement, private adoption agencies in California work with birth mothers and adoptive families to support everyone in the entire process.

Frequently, people who pursue working with a private adoption agency have:

But these are only a few reasons why you might choose domestic infant adoption. People come to adoption for all different reasons.

Services Offered by Private Agencies for Adoption in California

Newborn domestic adoption agencies offer a range of services to prospective birth mothers and adoptive families, but not all private adoption agencies in California provide the same services.

If you are considering a domestic adoption agency for your California adoption, here are some of the services that you should focus on in your search:

  • Financial protection: Adoption can be expensive for several reasons, but you shouldn’t have to risk losing all of the money you’ve invested into an adoption opportunity if there is a disruption at some point. With a financial protection service, your private adoption agency may apply those funds automatically to a different adoption situation or simply give it back to you, depending on how you choose to proceed. It is important to note that adoption is always free for prospective birth parents.

  • Matching services: This service is one of the most important services to many adoptive families when pursuing a private agency adoption. Your agency will provide your information to birth mothers they are working with and pair you once you’ve been matched.

  • Counseling and education: To help make an adoption successful, it’s important to understand what’s happening throughout every step of the adoption process. Especially for birth mothers who are going through an emotionally charged time in their lives, having counseling and support available, especially 24/7, can help them feel safe and confident in their choice to place their child for adoption with a private adoption agency.

  • Legal services: American adoption agencies, both local and national, should provide you with trusted legal representation for those specific aspects of your adoption process.

  • Screening services: Adoption scams can and do happen. However, when you work with a licensed domestic adoption agency, your chances of experiencing one often reduce. Good private adoption agencies will screen birth mothers to ensure they’re committed to adoption for their child, and will screen adoptive families to ensure they will provide a safe and loving home and environment to the child.

Types of Infant Domestic Adoption Agencies in California

When it comes to domestic adoption agencies, there are two choices: national adoption agencies and local adoption agencies.

While local adoption agencies are usually limited to the particular state in which they’re located to complete adoptions, national adoption agencies are licensed to complete adoptions across the country.

Working with either type of domestic adoption agency in California has specific advantages. The pros of working with a national adoption agency include:

  • Greater marketing and advertising efforts and capabilities

  • More accurate fee estimates

  • 24/7 assistance and support for birth mothers

  • Shorter wait times to complete an adoption

  • Assistance through all steps of the adoption process for birth parents and adoptive parents

  • Less financial risk if a birth mother changes her mind about adoption

However, if you’re keeping your private adoption agency search to the region near you, it’s helpful to know the benefits of working with a local adoption agency, such as:

  • Face-to-face interactions between the agency and birth mothers

  • Face-to-face meetings with your adoption professional

  • Possibilities for fewer adoption fees

Find a Private Adoption Agency in California Today

If you are interested in more information about private domestic adoption agencies and how to get started on your adoption journey, reach out to one of our adoption professionals today. We’re always ready to help!

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