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Choosing an Adoption Agency in California [Tips for Finding the Best Agency]

How Do I Find an Adoption Agency?

When you pursue adoption either as a prospective birth mother or a hopeful adoptive parent, the adoption agency or other professional you work with will play a significant role in determining the outcome of your adoption process.

But, before you can get there, you need to know how to find an adoption agency in California that will give you the most out of your adoption journey. So, how do you find the right adoption professional?

This guide offers questions to ask and characteristics to look for as you start your search for the best adoption agency for you.

If you have more specific questions about how to choose an adoption agency in California, you can get free information here.

Good Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency in California

When thinking about how to choose an adoption agency in California, it’s helpful to know some good questions to ask during your search.

Asking questions is a great way to gather more information about an agency you’re interested in that you may not find with a simple search online.

Whether you are a prospective adoptive parent or a woman considering an adoption plan for your child, here are some things everyone should ask an adoption agency before getting started:

  • What kind of support does your agency offer? The adoption process is an emotional process for birth mothers and adoptive families. And you shouldn’t have to deal with that on your own. A great adoption agency will offer educational resources, help get the answers to your questions, and work with you through every step of the process.

  • What is your availability like? There are going to be times where some situations or questions need immediate attention, not put off until the next business day. Having the support and guidance of an agency 24/7 makes getting through those critical moments a little easier for everyone involved, and shows how much the agency cares. That’s a good sign that you’ve found a great adoption agency.

  • How many adoptions do you work on each year? The best adoption agencies have year-over-year stability. Why does this matter? Well, an agency with a lot of volatility is at a higher risk for suddenly closing, which can spell disaster for your adoption. You want to know that your agency is solid and will always be there for you.

Our team would be happy to answer these questions (and any others you have). You can call 1-800-ADOPTION today to learn more about working with American Adoptions in California as your adoption professional. American Adoptions of California operates as an adoption facilitator and partners with a California affialiate agency providing local agency serivces. 

Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency in California for Potential Birth Parents

Choosing to place your baby for adoption may be the most difficult choice you make, and you deserve to feel supported as you work through each step of the process. Finding the right adoption agency as a prospective birth mother will have a big impact on your entire adoption experience.

As you learn how to find an adoption agency in California, consider asking these important questions:

  • How much does adoption cost? If you’re a prospective birth mother, you will never have to worry about costs for adoption. Adoption is always free for birth mothers, and in many states, expectant birth parents can also receive financial assistance with help from the adoptive family and the adoption agency.

  • Does this adoption agency support open adoption? Many birth mothers think that placing a child for adoption means the end of a relationship with their child, but that’s not the case. If you want to maintain a relationship with your child and stay in contact with them as they grow, look for an adoption agency in California that encourages open adoption. Good adoption agencies will also prioritize their post-placement services that assist birth parents and adoptive families through open adoptions.

  • How much time do I have to make my adoption decision? As the birth mother, you are able to change your mind about the adoption at any point in the process. However, the only time you won’t be able to change your mind is once you have signed your consent. A good adoption agency knows and understands that anything can happen and that people change their minds, so they should never pressure you into continuing with adoption if it no longer feels right for you.

  • How does this adoption agency find adoptive families? Many women considering adoption for their children want to ensure that their baby will be raised in a safe and loving home. To do this, a good adoption agency should have a thorough screening process to ensure that the families they work with are safe and can provide love and care to your baby.

  • What do I get to choose about my adoption process? Every great adoption agency should always place the needs of prospective birth parents first. As you create your adoption plan, the adoption agency will put you in charge of:

    • Finding the best adoptive family for your baby

    • Which hospital you want to be at when the big day comes

    • Whether you want to have a relationship with the adoptive family and your child

    • And more

Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency in California for Adoptive Families

When you choose to work with an adoption agency to help bring your child home, it takes a great deal of trust. You’re making a significant financial investment with the agency, and you’re also investing your hopeful future of completing your family with them.

This is why it’s so important to find the right agency when you’re ready to begin your adoption journey. During your search, asking good questions can help you get the answers and information you need to make the best decision. Here are some questions to help you during your search:

  • What does an average adoption cost with your agency, and are there any fees included? When looking for the best type of agency to work with, find one that is honest, transparent, and upfront about their costs. However, it’s important to know that not every agency is like this. There may be agencies that charge recurring or hidden fees that are different from the quoted price you were originally given. Also, the agencies that advertise low costs are probably cutting out necessary services. Don’t settle for the agency that quotes the lowest costs; instead, do some research and compare the services included in each agency’s fees so you can get a more accurate idea of what you’ll end up paying.

  • What are the requirements for an adoptive family to join your agency? You're off to a great start if you already meet the requirements to adopt in the state you live in. However, meeting an agency’s requirements may take more than that, including specific ages and marriage requirements. Even if you don’t meet the requirements of a particular agency, you can still always ask if they have an exception policy.

  • How long is the average wait time? First, this answer will likely depend on the type of adoption agency you’re adopting from. National adoption agencies typically have shorter wait times for adoptive families because they work with more prospective birth mothers across the country.

  • How does your agency help prospective adoptive parents find a match? Working with an adoption agency that has top-quality advertising and matching services. National adoption agencies tend to be the best type of agency for these services because they have large advertising budgets to help them find prospective birth parents all across the U.S.

  • What is your adoption disruption policy? There is always a possibility that you could experience an adoption disruption during your journey, which can be an emotionally and, with some agencies, financially devastating time. To help ease these fears, some agencies have programs in place in the event that a disruption occurs. Ask about the agency’s risk-sharing program to see what they offer if this happens.

4 Practical Tips for How to Choose an Adoption Agency in California

Along with the questions listed above for how to find an adoption agency in California, there are some specific aspects to look for in each agency’s answers:

Tip 1: Transparency: A good adoption agency should be open and honest about their costs and what services they provide.

Tip 2: Clarity: Rather than say random wait time estimates with no clear data to support that information, a good agency will carefully track numbers and give you clear and accurate answers.

Tip 3: Professionalism: You want to work with an adoption agency that is fully licensed and has staff members who are certified experts.

Tip 4: Compassion: The right adoption agency should always make you feel supported and cared for throughout your emotional and personal adoption process.

Find the Right Adoption Agency in California For You

Adoption can be a challenging and overwhelming process, but it is also beautiful and loving. Having the support of the right adoption agency can make a real difference in how you work through your adoption journey.

If you have questions about how to find an adoption professional or how to choose an adoption agency in California, reach out to us today.

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