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Adoption in Thornton, CO

Thornton Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Whether you’re thinking about adopting a child or placing a child for adoption in Thornton, for those in the early stages of researching adoption, it's easy to become overwhelmed with information.

How do you determine what applies to your specific situation or what is best for you?

When exploring your options, you want to research thoroughly and make sure you have the best resources by your side. This is where American Adoptions comes in. American Adoptions can provide you with all the services needed to complete the Thornton adoption process from beginning to end. With over 25 years of experience in successful domestic infant adoptions, we are a great option for all of your adoption needs. Learn more about Thornton adoptions with our agency by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or by requesting free adoption information online now.

In the meantime, we have created this guide to provide you with information on the different types of adoption in Thornton and the local resources available.

Adoption Agencies in Thornton, Colorado

If you are pursuing a domestic infant adoption in Thornton, whether as a potential adoptive parent or as an expectant parent, it’s in your best interest to work with a national agency. Given the national reach and overall expertise a national agency like American Adoptions can provide, it is hard for smaller, local agencies to match the service level offered.

American Adoptions has the ability to provide all of the services needed for infant adoptions in Thornton. This includes hospital planning and financial support for pregnant women, advertising to find adoption opportunities for hopeful parents, 24-7 counseling services, home study and legal representation referrals and so much more. When it comes to private domestic adoption, the expertise and care American Adoptions provides is top-notch and unmatched.

But, if you would prefer to explore your local options for Thornton adoption professionals, you may consider working with the following agencies.

Foster Care Adoption in Thornton

The ultimate goal of the Colorado foster care system is to reunite children with their biological parents. Unfortunately, this is not always a possibility, and some children become eligible for adoption through foster care after their parents have lost their parental rights.

For hopeful adoptive parents with fewer restrictions on age or background of their child, foster care and foster care adoption allows the opportunity to provide children a safe and loving home.

Although American Adoptions focuses on domestic infant adoptions and cannot assist with foster care adoptions, we fully support the life-changing impact it can provide.  If a foster care adoption in Thornton sounds like the best opportunity to help you grow your family, the following nearby resources can help you get started:

International Adoption in Thornton

For families with hopes of adopting a child from another country, international adoption in Thornton can help make those dreams become a reality.

American Adoptions does not complete international adoptions, but we realize the amazing opportunity it can provide hopeful parents looking to grow their families. With more laws, regulations, and travel being involved, the international adoption process is complex and lengthy. Once you have determined which country you would like to adopt from, it is important to find an agency that is well-versed and licensed in that country.

For more information, contact any of these international adoption agencies in the Thornton area. They can answer any questions you may have about intercountry adoption in Thornton:

Thornton Adoption Lawyers

Whether you’re a prospective birth mother or an adoptive parent, a Thornton adoption lawyer is needed to complete your adoption.  Your legal counsel is there to help educate you and complete the Colorado adoption legal processes, from consent to finalization.

With a large network of attorneys throughout the nation, American Adoptions connects our prospective birth and adoptive families with the legal counsel they need. If you choose to work with an agency that does not help facilitate representation, you will need to find a Thornton adoption attorney on your own. Some of the attorneys you may consider contacting in the Thornton area include:

Home Study Professionals in Thornton

No matter the type of adoption you choose to pursue, before you can adopt a child in Thornton, you’ll first need to be approved to adopt via a home study. The adoption home study is an evaluation of your readiness to become a parent based on information obtained from home visits, financial and medical records, interviews with family members, and more.

The home study is considered one of the first and longest steps of the Thornton adoption process. As a national domestic adoption agency with over 30 years of experience, American Adoptions ensures you do not face unnecessary delays while you receive the personal attention, support, and expertise you deserve.

American Adoptions is a licensed full-service adoption agency that provides SAFE home study services for families throughout the entire state of Colorado. Follow this link to begin your home study and to learn more about the services we offer.

Thornton Hospitals for Maternity Care and Delivery

While creating an adoption plan with American Adoptions, expectant mothers will also create a hospital plan to prepare for delivery. The hospital plan will cover such details as which hospital you will deliver at, who you would like in the delivery room with you, how much interaction you would like with the adoptive family and more. This plan will help eliminate any surprises or stress when the time comes to deliver.

The following nearby hospitals in and around Thornton can assist you with your maternity needs, so you might consider including them in your hospital plan for your Thornton adoption.

Thornton Adoption Finalization Courts

Before your adoption in Thornton is considered complete, a finalization hearing must take place. During your hearing, a judge will review your home study information and ask several questions regarding how everyone is adjusting to placement. Once the judge approves, they will issue a final decree of adoption — meaning your child is legally a member of your family, and your adoption is final.

Adoption finalization hearings in Thornton take place at your local district country court, according to state adoption jurisdiction laws.  Speak with your adoption attorney to schedule your hearing, or contact your Adams County Court System to learn more about how your adoption in Thornton will be finalized.

Thornton Attractions

Adoptive families coming to Thornton for a placement from out-of-state will need to stay in the area during ICPC clearance. If you end up with downtime and are looking for family-friendly things to do, here are some in or around the Thornton area:

No matter what stage of the process you are currently in, adoption specialists are here to support you and answer any questions you may have. When you are ready, call 1-800-ADOPTION to learn more about adoption in Thornton with American Adoptions or to begin discussing an adoption plan today.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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