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Adoption in Westminster, CO

Westminster Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Adopting or placing a child for adoption in Westminster can be a complicated and overwhelming process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption or a couple hoping to adopt, there are so many local adoption resources available to help you throughout your adoption journey.

But how do you know which options are best for you?

Look no further. American Adoptions helps both prospective birth mothers and adoptive families by providing support throughout the entire Westminster adoption process and well after placement. We have created this guide to help you determine your options as well as inform you of the local resources available.

If you are ready to begin your adoption now, call 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online for free information. Until then, continue reading this guide for information on Westminster adoptions and the resources available.

Adoption Agencies in Westminster, Colorado

American Adoptions is a national, full-service agency that specializes in domestic infant adoptions. As a national agency, we are able to offer services and support that smaller, local agencies simply cannot match.

For hopeful adoptive parents, we are able to provide shorter wait times, financial protection to help in the case of a disruption, national advertising to increase the chance of finding an adoption opportunity, assistance with all of the requirements to complete a Westminster adoption, and so much more.

For prospective birth mothers, we provide 24/7 availability, counseling, financial assistance, help finding the perfect adoptive family, contact mediation during an open adoption, and more.

If you would prefer to work with a local agency, here are a few you may consider:

Foster Care Adoption in Westminster

While the goal of foster care is to reunite children with their biological families, unfortunately, it is often not a possibility— leaving thousands of children in the Colorado foster care system hoping to find a loving family and new home. Oftentimes, these children are older, have special needs or are part of a sibling group that needs to be adopted together.

Even though American Adoptions does not provide foster care adoption services, we understand and support the life-changing impact foster care and foster care adoption can have. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or fostering to adopt in Westminster, Colorado, the following agencies can provide you with more information:

International Adoption in Westminster

For those who have always dreamt of adopting a child from another country, international adoption in Westminster is the best option.

With governments from two countries being involved, the international process can be long and difficult. Given the different rules and regulations for each country, it is important to find an agency that is licensed and well-versed in adoptions from the country you choose. 

If you are interested in pursuing an international adoption in Westminster, contact these Colorado agencies for information:

Westminster Adoption Lawyers

Every adoption must involve an adoption attorney to ensure all aspects of the adoption are being completed legally. When you work with American Adoptions, we have a large network of trusted professionals, and your adoption specialist will refer you to the legal representatives you need.

Although American Adoptions connects you with an adoption attorney in Westminster when you choose our agency, not all agencies can or will. If you need to find your own legal representation, you may consider contacting any of these local Westminster adoption attorneys:

Home Study Professionals in Westminster

No matter what type of adoption you choose to pursue as a hopeful adoptive parent, you are required to complete an adoption home study from a Colorado-licensed home study provider. American Adoptions is a licensed full-service adoption agency that provides SAFE home study services for families throughout the entire state of Colorado.

As a national domestic adoption agency with over 30 years of experience, American Adoptions ensures you do not face unnecessary delays while you receive the personal attention, support, and expertise you deserve. Follow this link to begin your home study and to learn more about the services we offer.

Westminster Hospitals for Maternity Care and Delivery

For expecting mothers considering adoption in Westminster, it is important to have a hospital plan in place when the time comes for delivery. When you work with American Adoptions, we will help you create a hospital plan as part of your adoption plan. Having this in place will reduce stress as your due date approaches and when it is time to deliver.

Determining the details of your hospital stay, from the hospital at which you will deliver your baby to how you would prefer placement to go, is important to discuss prior to delivery. Your adoption specialist will inform the hospital staff, as well as the adoptive family of your plan.

Here are several hospitals in the Westminster area that can take care of your pregnancy and delivery needs that you may consider including in your hospital plan:

Westminster Adoption Finalization Courts

The last step of the Westminster adoption process is the finalization hearing.

During your hearing, a judge will review all home study documentation and ask questions regarding how you and your child are adjusting to placement. They will use this information to make their ruling in which they will issue a final decree of adoption — making your child a legal member of your family.

In the months following placement, you will need to work with your adoption attorney to schedule a finalization hearing. Your hearing will be held in the Adams County court system or Jefferson County court system, depending upon your location.

Westminster Attractions

If you are visiting Westminster waiting for ICPC clearance, or traveling for open adoption visits, you are in luck. Westminster is a beautiful city with so much to do. Westminster is just outside of Denver and only a short drive to everything the great state of Colorado has to offer. Here are a few local attractions to check out while you’re in the area:

If you are ready to begin your Westminster adoption process today, you can always call 1-800-ADOPTION now to speak with a Colorado adoption specialist or request  free information online.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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