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International Adoption in Connecticut

As a private domestic adoption agency, American Adoptions doesn’t work with families to complete adoptions from different countries. However, it’s important to us that anyone interested in any type of adoption always have access to accurate information. The following, then, is some helpful information for those families who may be interested in pursuing international adoptions in Connecticut.

If you have questions about your options for adoption in Connecticut, fill out this online form or call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist from American Adoptions. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about international adoption in Connecticut

The Connecticut International Adoption Process

While the adoption process looks slightly different for everyone, here’s how you can expect an intercountry adoption in Connecticut to go:

Step 1: Choose a country to adopt from. Different CT international adoption agencies specialize in completing adoptions from different countries. Because of this, it’s important that the first step you take is to narrow down your list of preferred countries to adopt from. When discussing this, think about things like your preferences in terms of age and gender, whether or not you meet the country’s eligibility requirements, and the varying costs to adopt from different countries.

Step 2: Choose an international adoption agency in Connecticut. After you’ve selected a country to adopt from, it’ll be time to choose an agency that specializes in adoptions in that country. Because of the International Adoption Universal Accreditation Act of 2012, you should only considered agencies that are Hague-accredited. The Hague Adoption Convention was enacted to protect children who are adopted internationally.

Step 3: Apply for your adoption eligibility. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must approve your petition to adopt overseas. If you adopt from a Hague country, you’ll fill out Form I-800A. If you adopt from a non-Hague country, you’ll fill out Form I-600A.

Step 4: Wait for an adoption opportunity. After you’ve been deemed eligible to adopt by both the country you wish to adopt from and the U.S., it will be time to wait for an adoption opportunity. You may do this before traveling, or you may travel to the country to match with a child. This part of the process depends entirely on the country from which you adopt.

Step 5: Apply for your child’s adoption eligibility. When you’ve been matched with the child you’re going to adopt, you’ll have to apply for his or her immigration eligibility. For this, you’ll file either Form I-800 or Form I-600. After this has been approved, you’ll file the DS-260 to apply for your child’s visa.

Step 6: Receive an immigrant visa for your child. You’ll receive either the IH-3 (Hague) or IR-3 (non-Hague) visa if both parents were present for the adoption. If one parent was absent or the child’s adoption was not completed in the foreign country, you’ll receive either the IH-4 or IR-4 visa. Please note that your child’s adoption is not finished if you receive either an IH-4 or an IR-4; you will have to legally finalize his or her adoption when you return to Connecticut.

What is re-adoption?

If you received either the IH-4 or the IR-4 visa for your child, you will have to finalize his or her adoption in the U.S. However, even if you received an IR-3 or IH-3 visa and your child’s adoption is legally complete, we recommend that you always re-adopt, or re-finalize, your child’s adoption in the United States upon returning home. This will ensure that he or she gets the same legal rights and privileges as any other U.S. citizen.

Connecticut International Adoption Agencies

If you are interested in pursuing a foreign adoption in Connecticut, contact any of the following agencies.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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