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Foster Care and Adoption in Hawaii

What You Need to Know About Adopting a Foster Child in HI

As a private domestic adoption agency, American Adoptions is not involved with the foster care system in Hawaii. However, it’s still a cause that’s very important to us, as is ensuring that everyone has access to accurate and reliable information about adoption in Hawaii — in whatever form you choose to pursue it. If you think you and your family may wish to foster parent or adopt from foster care, the following information may help you to make a decision about foster care adoption in Hawaii.

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How does a foster care adoption in Hawaii work?

When it comes to adoption in Hawaii, no two situations are ever exactly alike. This is especially true when it comes to foster care adoption, as the children in the system are typically older and may have special needs. However, a Hawaii foster care adoption usually goes something like this:

  1. Decide exactly what you’re interested in regarding the foster care system. Do you want to become a foster parent, or provide a temporary home for a child in need until their biological parents are ready to regain custody? Or would you rather adopt a child from foster care in Hawaii, which means that that child’s biological parents have already had their rights terminated? Some people also choose to foster to adopt in Hawaii, which means they foster parent with the hopes that their foster child will one day become legally available for permanent adoption.

  2. Once you have settled on the decision to adopt from foster care in Hawaii, it’ll be time to contact an agency. You’ll want to contact either the Partners in Development Foundation or Family Programs Hawaii to begin working on the next steps to adopt from foster care.

  3. Complete any parenting or training classes required by your foster care professional.

  4. Complete an adoption home study. Whether you adopt domestically or internationally, privately or through foster care, every person who adopts in the United States must undergo an adoption home study. This is to assess your readiness to adopt a child and includes three phases: a documentation stage, a home inspection and interviews with each family member.

  5. After your home study has been completed, it’ll be time to wait for a child to be placed with you. How quickly this happens will depend on how flexible you are in terms of factors like a child’s age, race, special needs and more. With foster care, you can typically expect a placement in as soon as a few weeks or months.

Who can adopt a foster child in Hawaii?

Before you can adopt from foster care in Hawaii, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Have sufficient finances to cover all of your needs

  • Have a safe, loving and supportive home for foster or adoptive children to enter

  • Be able to pass both FBI and state background checks

  • Complete preservice training classes and the adoption home study

How expensive is adopting from foster care in Hawaii?

As far as the process itself goes, a foster care adoption in Hawaii is one of the least expensive ways to adopt a child. Typically, costs range from none to $2,500, depending on the foster care professional. You may be expected to cover the costs of the home study, any home preparations you need to make, or minimal legal costs, but you’ll want to speak with your foster care professional to determine exactly how much the process may cost you.

Foster Children for Adoption

There are more than 2,000 children in Hawaii’s foster care system, many of whom are legally free to be adopted. To see a Hawaii foster care photolisting, see AdoptUSKids or A Family for Every Child

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