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Find an Adoptive Family in Idaho

How You Can Choose the Perfect Idaho Adoptive Families for Your Child

If you’re a woman considering adoption in Idaho as an unplanned pregnancy option, it’s because you want to make sure your baby gets the life he or she deserves. But how do you make sure he or she gets the best life imaginable? It’s your right to find the perfect adoptive parents for your baby, which is why American Adoptions works with pregnant women to ensure they find adoptive families in Idaho (or elsewhere in the United States) who can provide their child with exactly the kind of life they imagine.

If you're ready to talk to an adoption specialist about adoption in Idaho, reach out to us through our free online form.

Who are the perfect adoptive parents for your baby?

For some women, there’s already an ideal adoptive family in mind when they ultimately choose adoption in Idaho. Many, however, aren’t entirely sure what life they envision for their child, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you connect with American Adoptions, your adoption specialist will help you to answer questions like:

  • Where do you envision your child being raised? Do you feel strongly about finding adoptive parents in Idaho? Or is it important to you that your child grows up in a large urban area, or a southern climate? American Adoptions works adoptive families across the country, your child can grow up anywhere you picture.

  • Do you care if your child resembles his or her adoptive family? Of course, an adopted child will not share DNA with his or her adoptive family, and therefore they will probably not strongly resemble each other. However, some women want prospective adoptive parents to share their own cultural background.

  • Is it important to you that your child have siblings? Some women want to place their child with adoptive parents who haven’t yet been able to have any of their own, while others feel strongly about their own childhoods with siblings and want to guarantee their babies the same experience.

  • What traits are important to you in prospective adoptive parents? What values are important to you, and do you want your child to be raised in a family that shares those same values? For example, are there certain religious or political beliefs that you want to have in common with an adoptive family?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions and more, your adoption specialist will know what to look for as she helps you to find parents looking to adopt a newborn.

How does American Adoptions screen Idaho adoptive families?

Before you go to select an adoptive family, it’s important to know how American Adoptions screens all prospective adoptive families. All families that work with our agency have undergone:

  • An adoption home study, which is essentially an assessment of a family’s readiness to adopt and includes background checks, a home inspection, and interviews with each member of your family.

  • A commitment to exchanging updates on your child via phone calls and photos, at a minimum, until your child is 18. This, of course, is dependent on you wanting that communication with the adoptive family, and it’s important to note that many families desire more contact if you’re open to it.

American Adoptions will never show you a prospective adoptive family unless they are able to provide a safe and stable home.

Idaho Adoption Profiles

When you’re ready to begin your search for the right prospective adoptive family, your adoption specialist will begin to show you adoption profiles of families waiting to adopt in Idaho, or elsewhere in the United States. Each American Adoptions family creates two kinds of adoption profiles:

  1. Print profiles: These act as brochures that give you the basic information about an adoptive family — what their home is like, their lifestyle, why they are pursuing adoption, and more.

  2. Video profiles: If a family’s print profile interests you, you’ll be able to watch a video profile to learn even more about them. From your phone or computer, you can see them interact with each other and get a better feel for what your child’s life could be like if you chose them.

After you’ve chosen a prospective adoptive family from the adoption profiles, your adoption specialist will arrange a conference call for you to get to know them better. If all goes well, these could be your child’s adoptive parents! By choosing an open adoption, you’ll be able to continue to develop that relationship for the rest of your lives.

To learn more about finding adoptive parents in Idaho — or anywhere else in the United States — please contact American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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