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International Adoption in Indiana

The IN International Adoption Process

While domestic adoption in Indiaia and foster care may be a good choice for some, other potential parents may look to instead build their family through international adoption in Indiana. Adopting a child from another country can be a great way to expand your family.

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Deciding Where to Complete Your Intercountry Adoption in Indiana

After concluding that domestic infant adoption in Indiana and foster care adoption is not the right choice for your situation, you can start the international adoption process. 

Your Indiana international adoption experience will mainly depend on which country you choose to adopt from. As you choose a country, there are some things that you will need to think about, such as:

  • What kind of child you are looking to adopt: Children that are available to be adopted vary from country to country. Different races, genders, and religious backgrounds are all something to consider. This will be something to keep in mind as you start your Indiana international adoption journey.
  • Requirements: While with domestic adoption, you will only have to worry about your state’s requirements, with international adoption in Indiana, you will need to meet both U.S. adoption requirements and your chosen country’s eligibility requirements. It is important to research your chosen country in depth before you choose to adopt.
  • International adoption costs: While you are looking into international adoption in Indiana, you may have already thought about the cost of travel, but there may be other factors to consider based on the country you adopt from. It is important to research the international adoption costs for your country before your trip!
  • Your potential child's culture: It is important to consider the culture of your child during the international process as well. Your chosen country’s culture is an important aspect of who your child is. You will want to become familiar with this country for both yourself and your future child. 

Do You Need an International Re-Adoption in Indiana?

Adoption overseas in IN has different requirements and processes than domestic adoption in the U.S. For example, those that choose to adopt abroad may have to complete the re-adoption process. Re-adoption is the process of finalizing your adoption in the United States after gaining custody in your child’s home country. This will give your child a new adoption decree and birth certificate. Indiana also gives full recognition for adoptions that are completed abroad, as long as the child’s home country laws and U.S. laws were followed.

Whether or not you will be required to complete an international re-adoption in Indiana will depend upon the circumstances of your individual adoption. Your adoption professional will help you determine what steps are legally necessary in your case.

Indiana International Adoption Agencies

In order to adopt a child from another country, you will either need to contact an agency or attorney in IN. Below are two international adoption agencies that you may work with in Indiana.

The Hague Adoption Convention

During your international adoption research, you may have heard the term Hague Adoption Convention. This is a treaty that was put into place to protect any child that is adopted internationally. This regulates the intercountry adoption process in order to continue providing successful adoptions, and to care for the well being of internationally adopted children. Adopting from a Hague Convention country has a number of benefits, including:

  • Prevention of child trafficking
  • Easier access to medical records
  • Adoption and custody certificates

While these are great benefits regarding adopting from a Hague country, you can still have a successful adoption through non-Hague Convention Countries.

A list of all Hague Convention countries can be found through the U.S. Department of State.

Completing the IN Adoption Home Study

In order to adopt abroad in Indiana, you must also complete a home study. The home study provider that you choose must meet the Hague Convention requirements, even if you choose not to adopt from a Hague country. This process normally takes up to three months, so it is important to get started early. Your home study process is not too different from one for domestic adoption, but your home study provider will let you know what to expect.

A list of international adoption home study providers that work with residents in Indiana can be found at

Getting Started with Intercountry Adoption in Indiana

Adopting a child from another country may seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are having trouble narrowing down your search, there are several ways to get started. One great way to begin your Indiana international adoption journey is by looking at international adoption photolistings. This is an excellent way to look at what kind of child you wish to adopt. Parents that are eager to adopt can start their search with this international adoption photolisting section.

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