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Adoption Requirements in Indiana

Qualifications to Adopt in IN

Before you begin your adoption in Indiana journey, it is important to become acquainted with the requirements for adoption in Indiana. From marriage and residency requirements to home study qualifications, this is a great time to get familiar with the beginning of the adoption process.        

One of the first thoughts you might have had while thinking about the process is, “What are the requirements for adopting a child in IN?” There are a number of adoption professionals in Indiana, each having varying requirements. Your adoption specialist will help you as you begin your domestic adoption process to ensure you meet the requirements to adopt in Indiana and with American Adoptions.

If you're ready to talk to an adoption specialist about adoption in Indiana, reach out to us through our free online form.

Adoption in Indiana Qualifications 

Below are a few examples of adoption qualifications for Indiana.

  • Do you have to be married to adopt in Indiana? In the state of Indiana, single individuals and married couples may adopt. However, you should check with the individual agency you are working with to understand their requirements. For example, American Adoptions requests that adoptive parents be married for at least two years prior to starting the adoption process (though exceptions can and have been made). Indiana also does not have any restrictions for LGBT couples wishing to adopt, and American Adoptions welcomes hopeful LGBT parents.
  • What do I need to adopt a child in Indiana? As part of your list of Indiana adoption requirements, you will need to complete a home study. Additionally, you will need to pass an FBI fingerprint check and fulfill any training requirements. More information will be provided by your adoption specialist.
  • What are the qualifications for adoption in Indiana? Any resident of Indiana is able to adopt a child! Requirements such as age and marriage information may be determined by the individual agency. The most important thing is that you are able to provide a safe and loving home for your future child.
  • What about residency requirements? Indiana does have a residency requirement. This means that only residents of Indiana may file a petition to adopt in Indiana. A non-resident may adopt a child born in Indiana, but the adoption needs to be filed in their residential state. This requirement is waived for “hard-to-place” children. A child may be considered “hard to place” due to factors such as race, ethnicity, age, medical condition, or sibling group.

What are the adoption licensing requirements in Indiana?

For the state of Indiana, there are a few licensing requirements that you will have to meet as an adoptive parent. In order to be recognized, you will have to:

  • Complete 16 hours of training, CPS checks, and criminal background checks, which are required for the state of Indiana.
  • Complete the application packet that you received from the county or agency you are working with.
  • Complete your home study process.

While researching your options for adopting a child, you may have become interested in foster adoption in Indiana. This is also a great option for anyone looking to build their family. The requirements for foster adoption and domestic adoption are very similar. In this instance, there are still some licensing requirements that you will have to meet, including:

  • Complete a licensing requirement sent by your county.
  • Complete 10 hours of training.
  • Send in your criminal background and CPS checks as required by Indiana.
  • Complete your home study process.

As a licensed home study provider in Indiana, American Adoptions has streamlined the home study process so that you can complete your home study with us faster and more efficiently than any other agency.

Follow this link to begin your home study and to learn more about the services we offer.

How hard is it to adopt a child in Indiana?

Any adoption process will take time. This process is dependent on both the prospective parent as well as the agency, so it is recommended to get started early. Most of the state’s licensing requirements can be completed within six to twelve months. Your agency will work with you on getting these requirements met, as this can be an overwhelming time for any prospective parent.

What are some requirements to know if I decide to work with American Adoptions?

American Adoptions is one of the many agencies that you are able to work with in Indiana. We are a national adoption agency that specializes in private domestic adoptions. If you have met the requirements for the state of Indiana, you are most likely able to work with our agency.

One of our agency's requirements that is different from Indiana’s state law is our marriage requirement. While you do not have to be married to adopt a child in the state of Indiana, American Adoptions requests that couples have been married for a minimum of two years before getting started with our agency. However, we do have an exception process for prospective parents who may not meet this requirement. To learn about this process, please contact our agency.

Our agency also has certain age requirements for adoptive parents. We typically work with adoptive parents no older than 50 years of age. Prospective parents who do not meet our agency requirements are also welcome to inquire about our exception process.

To receive more information about our agency's adoption requirements in Indiana, you are welcome to call 1-800-ADOPTION or you can request free information on our website. Our adoption specialists are happy to provide more information!

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