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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Manhattan, KS

Manhattan Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

The Little Apple is a great place to call home. With wonderful neighborhoods, schools and Kansas State University, it’s no wonder so many have chosen to settle down here.

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually many local resources for adoption in Manhattan. Are you considering this life-changing journey? If so, this guide to Manhattan adoption is for you.

The adoption process can’t be completed without some help. It’s a complicated and lengthy venture, and you need to know about the local resources and professionals that make it happen.

Once you’re done with this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to take your next step toward completing an adoption in Manhattan. Whether you’re a prospective birth parent or a hopeful adoptive parent, we want you to be equipped for this incredible journey.

And when it comes to starting your adoption in Manhattan, your first and most important choice is your adoption agency.

Manhattan Adoption Agencies

Why are agencies so central to adoption in Manhattan?

Agencies provide a wide array of services that are required in order to complete your Manhattan adoption in a safe, legal and ethical way. This process is complicated, and attempting to go through it without an adoption specialist puts your placement at a higher risk of disruption.

For an adoption journey defined by confidence and peace of mind, look no further than American Adoptions. We are a national agency based just a short drive east at 7500 W 110th Street, Overland Park, Kan. With more than 25 years of experience, we have assisted thousands of prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents in the domestic infant adoption process.

Here’s what you can expect from our agency for your adoption in Manhattan:

Do you want to learn more about choosing us as your agency? Request free information online or call 1-800-ADOPTION today to speak with a specialist about adoption in Manhattan.

There are also other agencies you could choose to work with on your journey. If you’d like to do more research before choosing the best agency for you, these are a few organizations to consider:

Foster Care Adoption in Manhattan

There’s more than one way for a hopeful parent to adopt. American Adoptions can work with prospective birth mothers and hopeful parents in the domestic infant adoption process. But, as a hopeful parent, you could also consider foster care adoption in Manhattan.

Do you see your family adopting an older child, a sibling set or a child with special needs? Many children are waiting in the Kansas foster care system for a family, and you could be the safe, loving home they need. If you are interested in learning more about foster care adoption in Manhattan, you can contact one of these agencies:

International Adoption in Manhattan

A third path to building your family is international adoption. This process can be especially complicated as you navigate international travel logistics, the immigration process, re-adoption and more.

If you think that international adoption in Manhattan could be the right path for your family, you will need to work with a Hague-approved agency. There are several of these agencies in Kansas:

Manhattan Adoption Attorneys

Every type of adoption requires the services of a Manhattan adoption attorney. Kansas has its own adoption laws, and it’s important to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of Manhattan adoption requirements. This is the best way to ensure your process doesn’t hit unforeseen legal snags.

Those working with American Adoptions will be connected with an attorney from our trusted network. This takes the burden of finding your own representation off your shoulders, and you can be sure that the attorney we refer is trustworthy.

If, however, you would prefer to find your own Manhattan adoption attorney, you can certainly do that. There are several law offices in the area:

Home Study Providers for Adoption in Manhattan

The home study is a big step in your journey. Before you can be matched with an adoption opportunity — in any type of adoption — you must complete an in-home visit and interviews with a social worker from a licensed home study provider.

Earlier, we mentioned that we are a full-service agency. This means that we can provide the services you need from start to finish of your Manhattan adoption. Many individuals pursuing adoption will need to look for a separate professional for the home study, but not if you work with American Adoptions. We are licensed to provide Kansas home studies.

If you’re not working with our agency for placement, we can still provide your required home study services. Contact us today to learn more.

Hospitals for Prenatal Care and Delivery

Choosing adoption for your baby is not easy. We know how overwhelming this process can feel as a prospective birth mother, which is why our specialists work hard to make you feel safe, respected and supported.

Working with a specialist, you will create a plan for your adoption in Manhattan. When you’re a prospective birth mother, you’re in charge of how this goes. Part of this process is choosing the hospital where you would like to receive prenatal care and delivery.

Your medical costs will be covered thanks to adoption financial assistance, so you can focus on choosing a medical center that makes you feel comfortable. There are several options for your Manhattan adoption:

Manhattan Adoption Finalization Courts

The last step of your adoption in Manhattan is the finalization hearing. This is where you will receive your final decree of adoption, and your family will be legally official.

The finalization hearing will take place at a Riley County Courthouse about six months after placement. Your adoption specialist with American Adoptions and your attorney will provide support and guidance leading up to this big day.

Things to Do in Manhattan

Are you coming from out of town to adopt a child in Manhattan? You will most likely spend several weeks here over the course of your process. Why not make the most of your time by seeing all that Manhattan has to offer?

There’s plenty to do:

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey with our agency? Let’s talk. Call us today at 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist about adoption in Manhattan. You can also request more free information online, for prospective birth mothers and for hopeful adoptive parents

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