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Do You Get Paid for Putting a Child Up for Adoption in Kansas?

The Truth About Adoption “Compensation” for KS Birth Mothers

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in the State of Kansas and concerns about the financial costs can be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you can’t financially support your child, assistance for pregnancy-related costs during an adoption may be available to you in Kansas.

  • Adoption in Kansas is always free.

  • All medical costs are covered when you choose adoption.

  • Our adoption professionals can help you determine what financial assistance is available to you.

Finding information on adoption and how to begin the adoption process can seem difficult. Our agency is here to help. You can call us anytime and speak with an adoption professional at 1-800-ADOPTION, or get free information online

Do You Get Paid for Putting a Child Up for Adoption in Kansas?

Finances are one of the most common reasons why women don’t feel that they’re able to parent their child. You may not be in a financially stable or independent situation to be able to provide for the needs of this baby (or even yourself). Or, you may already be raising children, and you simply can’t afford the financial cost of adding another member to your family right now. Maybe you’re not sure you can even afford to maintain a healthy pregnancy if you choose adoption.

The good news is when choosing adoption in Kansas, the process is always 100 percent free to you. Considering adoption for your baby is one of the most difficult decisions that anyone can make; cost shouldn’t have to be a concern for you, too.

Myths about “Getting Paid” for Adoption in Kansas [And the Truths You Need to Know]

Before we explain how this financial assistance for adoption works in Kansas, it’s important to clarify a few things. First, you need to understand that financial help for birth mothers giving a baby up” for adoption in Kansas is not “adoption compensation” for a birth mother. Women do not get paid” for adoption in Kansas or in any other state.

Still, many women wonder, “Do you get paid for putting a baby up for adoption in Kansas?” But the answer is no — payment in exchange for placing a child is illegal. There are no adoption agencies that pay you in exchange for making an adoption plan, in Kansas or any other state.

However, you may qualify to get money for adoption birth mother living expenses, which can help to cover your costs during your pregnancy.

If you have questions about getting financial support when “giving a baby up” for adoption in Kansas, or if you would like to learn how much financial assistance might be available in your unique circumstances, call an adoption specialist now at 1-800-ADOPTION or click here to get more information online.

How Do You Get Paid for Adoption Expenses in Kansas? [You Might Be Eligible For Financial Assistance] 

So, what exactly does this adoption financial assistance look like? How can it help you?

The types and amount of living expenses you can receive will vary depending on things like your living situation, financial needs, and state laws. Your adoption specialist will always work with you to understand your current circumstances and financial responsibilities and will create a plan to provide you with the living expenses you need to make adoption possible for you.

While every situation is different, your pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses may include:

  • Prenatal and medical care

  • Maternity clothes

  • Transportation

  • Phone service

  • Rent and utilities

  • Groceries

  • And much more

You’re also provided with:

  • Free medical care for your pregnancy and delivery

  • Free legal representation to educate you about adoption and your rights

  • Free counseling services throughout the adoption process and beyond, whenever you need it

  • Additional living expenses determined by your individual financial need and the amount of funds allowed to you by Kansas law

These costs are covered by American Adoptions and the adoptive family you choose for your baby. We understand how difficult it can be to continue to work and go about your life while pregnant and creating an adoption plan, especially if money is tight. The living expenses are there to help you get through your pregnancy without having to worry about finances on top of everything else.

You can find out more information about potential financial assistance available to you for adoption in Kansas by calling one of our adoption professionals for free at 1-800-ADOPTION, or fill out one of our online contact forms here.

How the Amount of Your Financial Assistance is Determined [Find Out What is Available to You]

While essential services such as free medical care, 24/7 adoption counseling, and legal representation are always provided for women through American Adoptions, the factors that determine the amount of additional adoption financial assistance you may qualify for include:

  • Kansas laws on living expense allocation limitations

  • Your current living situation

  • Your current income status

For example, a pregnant teenager who is in high school and has the financial support of her parents while creating an adoption plan may not need as much financial assistance as a woman who is supporting herself and her children on one source of income. Some women considering adoption in Kansas have support from friends or family; others do not. So, some women will need more financial help throughout their pregnancy than others.

Being pregnant can be a financial burden — and for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may not be prepared for those unexpected costs. You have to take time off from work, and medical costs are expensive. Adoption living expenses can help expectant mothers focus on their own health and wellbeing so that you don’t have to stress so much about your bills, covering the cost of prenatal care, and more.

Sara, a birth mother who experienced an unplanned pregnancy in 2018 but already had two older boys, found herself scared and wondering what to do about her situation, so she decided to do some research and found American Adoptions.

“I was scared I wouldn’t be able to care for the baby properly, financially support the baby, and keep up with the baby as he grew older.”

“I didn’t know what to do, so I got on the internet and searched ‘adoption.’ I was trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do. The next day, I called American Adoptions and left my information. I had never known anyone who’d been through adoption, and I had a lot of questions. Social worker Erin immediately returned my call. She answered my questions, and we discussed the concept of adoption. When I hung up the phone (crying), I knew this was the right choice for me and the baby. It was what my child deserved.”

If you decide to create an adoption plan for your baby, not only is adoption free; we’re here to cover the cost of your pregnancy and birth so that like Sara, you don’t have to worry about money adding stress to your situation.

Call 1-800-ADOPTION now to talk to someone about your financial needs and get free adoption information to get started.

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