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The Louisiana Adoption Home Study

Like home studies in all states, the Louisiana adoption home study can be stressful. This is normal; completing a home study for adoption in Louisiana is a necessary step before you can adopt a child.

Even if you choose not to work with American Adoptions, we can help you complete your home study. Reach out to an adoption specialist today to get the guidance you need.

As intimidating as the home study may sound, we promise there’s no need to stress. Your home study provider only wants to ensure that you're prepared to parent or add another child to your home.

Knowing what to expect during your Louisiana adoption home study can help to eliminate some of the stress that may come along with it. If you are readying yourself for the Louisiana adoption home study, here’s how you can expect it go down:

Step 1: The Documentation Stage

This is the first part of the home study for the adoption process in Louisiana. It is the longest part of most adoption home studies, so gathering some paperwork before your home study provider needs it can help to shorten your total home study time. For the Louisiana adoption home study, you should prepare:

  • Information about family backgrounds, customs, and relationship patterns

  • Marriage licenses or information about relationships where the partners are not married

  • Social contacts

  • Records of involvement in the community

  • Mental and physical health records

  • And more

Step 2: The Home Inspection

After your Louisiana adoption home study provider has everything he or she needs from the documentation stage, a home visit will be scheduled. The first phase of this home visit is an inspection of your home, which will essentially be a run-through to look for things like working smoke detectors and proper fences around swimming pools or hot tubs. It can seem intimidating, but just think of it as an extra set of eyes for babyproofing!

Step 3: The Family Member Interviews

Once the home study provider has finished inspecting the house, he or she will sit down individually with each family member living in the home. You should expect to answer questions about your lives, your daily routines, your goals and your feelings about adding another member to the family through adoption. Depending, naturally, on how large your family is, this part of the Louisiana adoption home study generally takes anywhere from two to four hours.

After you have finished each of the three stages in the Louisiana adoption home study, you will receive a report of the process in the mail. Your home study provider will ask that you verify all information in the report and return it to them. After that, you will be responsible for updating your home study provider with any life changes, such as a new job or house. Otherwise, it’s finished!

Adoption Home Study Postplacement Requirements

If more than a year has passed since you completed your home study when you go to adopt a child, your agency will have to complete an update, including updated background checks. For this reason, it’s important that you proactively update your home study after a year has passed if you haven’t yet adopted.

After adopting, you will also be required to complete certain postplacement requirements:

  •  Visit with your home study provider within three weeks after placement and once every two months after, as well as one visit within 30 days before the adoption finalization hearing.

  • If completing a special needs adoption, more visits may be required.

Louisiana Adoption Home Study Providers

If you live in Louisiana, we recommend working with one of the following trusted adoption home study providers:

For more information about the Louisiana adoption home study, please see For more information about our Lousiana adoption programs, please call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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