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How to Finalize Your Adoption in Massachusetts

The last step of adoption in Massachusetts is adoption finalization. When finalization occurs, your child officially becomes a legal and permanent member of your family.

Because this is such an important step in the process, you'll want to be prepared. Contact our adoption specialists today to get the information you need.

In between the moment when your child is placed with you and the moment when the final decree of adoption is issued for adoption in Massachusetts, the following steps must first take place:

When the above steps have been completed, your MA adoption attorney will let you know when your Massachusetts adoption finalization hearing has been scheduled. The hearing is usually scheduled for several months after placement and occurs at your local probate court, which maintains jurisdiction over adoptions in Massachusetts.

What Happens at Your Child’s Massachusetts Adoption Finalization Hearing

The adoption finalization hearing is typically short, lasting only about 20 to 60 minutes. At the end of the hearing, the judge issues the final decree of adoption, which legally completes your child’s Massachusetts adoption process.

At your child’s Massachusetts adoption finalization hearing, the following usually happens:

  • You’re sworn in before the judge and court, along with your adoption attorney.

  • The judge asks you questions about your desire to adopt and your ability to provide your child with a good home.

  • The judge asks your adoption attorney and/or social work questions about the adoption.

  • The judge signs the final decree of adoption.

The final decree of adoption means that your child’s adoption in Massachusetts is officially complete.

After the Final Decree of Adoption is Given in Massachusetts

You’ll be able to file for your child’s amended birth certificate and social security card once the Massachusetts adoption finalization is complete.

Of course, adoption never really ends after finalization. Adoption is a journey that lasts a lifetime for everyone involved, so maintaining an ongoing dialogue about adoption is the best way to grow closer and stronger as a family.

You can always contact American Adoptions if you have questions, need general post-placement support, want help communicating with your child’s birth family or anything else. To learn more about adoption with our agency, call 1-800-ADOPTION now.

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