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How to Adopt a Baby in Montana

Everything You Need to Know About the Montana Adoption Process

Choosing to adopt a baby in Montana is a big step. When you decide to adopt, you are making a life-changing decision that comes with a whole range of emotions. It can be beautiful, challenging, fulfilling and confusing. The “confusing” part can stand out at the beginning, especially when you are unfamiliar with the adoption process.

That’s why we created this guide to adopting a child in Montana. We’ll walk through some of the big questions about child adoption, and give some practical steps you can take toward your Montana adoption.

At the end, you’ll still have questions. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist about working with our agency. Your adoption specialist can guide you through this upcoming process.

In the meantime, let’s dive in.

How do I adopt a child in Montana?

The adoption process can seem daunting. It is a long process wrapped in complicated legal procedures, and it all happens during an emotional time in life. But don’t worry — you can navigate this process without all the undue anxiety thanks to the help of an adoption specialist from American Adoptions.

As a full-service national adoption agency, American Adoptions can provide help at every step of the process. So, what are the steps to adopt a baby in Montana?

Step 1: Decide you want to adopt a child in Montana.

You can’t blow past this first step. It may seem obvious, but making the decision to adopt is its own step in the process. It takes time and careful consideration to get to a place where you can whole-heartedly say, “I want to adopt.”

Ask yourself and your partner questions about adoption. Are you emotionally prepared to grow your family through adoption? What about financially? Can you commit 100 percent to the process, even through the ups and downs? It’s important to ask these questions before you jump in.

Once you’ve honestly dealt with all of the hard questions, you can say, “Yes, I want to adopt a baby.”

Step 2: Choose an adoption professional in Montana.

A good adoption professional can make or break your experience with the adoption process. Oftentimes the scary stories you hear about an adoption-gone-wrong are the result of unethical or improper work from an adoption professional. Research your options and ask a lot of questions before you decide — you need to be sure you can put your full faith in your adoption professional.

There are several advantages to choosing a national adoption agency like American Adoptions when you are adopting a newborn in Montana.

  • Full-service: American Adoptions is a full-service adoption agency, which means we can facilitate success at every step of the process. You won’t have to save 15 different numbers in your phone as you juggle all the different professionals you need — you’ll just have one. A single point of contact for all things adoption can make your process much smoother.

  • Fully-licensed: American Adoptions operates with a high ethical standard. We adhere to federal regulations to ensure that every part of your Montana adoption process is done in a way that benefits the child, the potential birth mother and yourself. These guidelines also help ensure a process free of unexpected twists and turns.

  • National: We work across the country, which means your adoption won’t be bound by state lines. This brings the average adopting family wait time down and increases your chance of finding the right placement.

  • Established: With 25 years of service under our belt, American Adoptions operates from a firm foundation. We’ve facilitated thousands of adoptions, and we know how much adoption means to you. Every child deserves the love of a family, and every hopeful parent deserves the chance to raise a child. We believe in the beauty of adoption, and we’re committed to making it happen for you.

Step 3: Complete the screening steps for adopting a child in Montana.

Once you’ve chosen an adoption professional, you’ll begin taking steps to go active with your adoption in Montana. Before you can find children for adoption in Montana by being selected by a birth mother, there are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Complete your Adoption Planning Questionnaire. Also known as your APQ, this questionnaire is where you set your boundaries for the adoption. Some of the questions may seem uncomfortable or invasive, but it is vitally important to be honest. The APQ will be used by your adoption specialist to find an adoption opportunity you are ready for.

  2. Complete the adoption home study. A home study is a review of your living situation conducted by a licensed social worker to ensure you are ready to adopt. The social worker will visit your home and interview you, likely asking questions about why you want to adopt a child and your views on parenting. This is required in all adoptions, and it is done to make sure a child is coming to a safe place. Whenever it seems overwhelming, just remember that it’s good for your future child.

  3. Create an adoption profile. American Adoptions media specialists are committed to creating a profile and video for your family that will stand out to potential birth mothers. This is a chance to tell your story. What is it that makes you a great family for a child? Your profile will be shown to birth mothers who are thinking about adoption in Montana.

Step 4: Find babies for adoption in Montana.

A common misconception about adoption is that you find children for adoption in Montana, when in reality a potential birth mother chooses you for her child. This is the case in almost all domestic infant adoptions. Once you complete your APQ, home study and profile, you’ll be ready to go active with American Adoptions.

Your profile will be shown to potential birth mothers whose situations match the answers on your APQ. At this point in the process, all you have to do is wait. It can be hard, but know that your adoption specialist is working hard to find the right opportunity for you.

Once that opportunity is found, you’ll receive an amazing phone call. A voice on the other end of the line will tell you that a mother has chosen you to adopt her baby, and your life will change forever. Receiving an adoption opportunity is an incredible moment in the life of a family.

Step 5: Start pre-placement contact and get to know the potential birth mother.

Before placement occurs, you’ll have a chance to get to know the potential birth mother through conference calls, email exchange or even an in-person visit. This all depends on the level of openness set by the potential birth mother in her adoption plan. While this may seem intimidating at first, there are clear benefits to open and semi-open adoption for everyone involved. An adoption specialist from American Adoptions will be there to facilitate communication and offer guidance.

Step 6: Complete placement and post-placement, prepare and the journey ahead.

When the time comes, you’ll receive a call that it’s time to travel. You’ll follow the potential birth mother’s hospital plan, and then you will be placed with your baby. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this moment is — a family coming together for the first time. All we can say is that you may want to pack tissues.

After placement, there are still a few steps left to finalize your adoption in Montana. There will also be sustained communication with the birth mother, depending on the level of openness in the adoption plan.

While this is a basic overview of how to adopt a baby in Montana, your process is sure to be unique. To ask more questions about adopting a child in Montana with our agency and to start your Montana adoption process today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time or request more free information

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