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Things You Need to Know About Adoption Requirements in Montana

You likely have a lot of questions if you are thinking about adoption in Montana.

What is the adoption process? How do I find children who need adoption? How much does adoption cost? What adoption agency should I work with?

These are all important questions. But before you get to those, there’s a big one you have to ask: What are the requirements for adoption in Montana?

Each state has its own set of adoption requirements. If you are considering adopting a baby in Montana, you’ll need to be sure you meet the requirements of your state before you get into the rest of the process.

What are the adoption requirements in Montana?

Do you have to be married to adopt in Montana? How old do you have to be to adopt in MT? Can I adopt a child?

If you are worried about meeting the qualifications for adoption in Montana, or if you’re wondering, “Just how hard is it to adopt a baby in MT?” know that Montana law places very few stipulations on eligibility to adopt a child.

A married couple may adopt jointly, or one spouse may adopt the other spouse’s child who they are not a biological parent to. An unmarried individual who is over 18 years of age, or a married individual over 18 years of age who has legally separated from their spouse, may also adopt.

If you meet these basic standards, you meet adoption requirements in Montana and can begin the adoption process. However, there are several contingencies in pre-placement screening that you will also have to meet. A social worker will look for:

  • Criminal conviction history, specifically abuse or neglect of a child

  • Medical and social history

  • Current health

  • And other factors pertaining to parenting

While these are not technically requirements to adopt, it will be difficult to adopt in Montana if you do not also pass these screening requirements.

What are the requirements to adopt a child from foster care in Montana?

Adoption from foster care in Montana can be a great way to start your family and provide much needed care to a child. Even though American Adoptions doesn’t work in foster-to-adopt situations, we are committed to helping you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent.

In order to become a foster parent in Montana, you must be at least 18 years old, pass a criminal background and child abuse registry check, complete foster care orientation and pass a pre-screening test from the state. Additionally, the state will ask you to provide character references. If you are a couple, Montana requires you to have been together for at least 24 months before becoming foster parents.

Can LGBTQ couples adopt from Montana?

Even though Montana’s statute on adoption requirements states that a “husband and wife” may adopt jointly, LGBTQ couples can also adopt a child jointly in the state of Montana. Adoption can be a wonderful way for LGBTQ couples to grow their family and fulfill their dreams of becoming a parent. Thankfully, cultural attitudes have shifted to become more accepting of LGBTQ adoption in Montana, and research has shown that children raised by same-sex parents show no difference in development from children raised by heterosexual parents.

Are there any adoption requirements from my agency?

Each adoption agency will have its own set of requirements to adopt in Montana. This is a good question to ask when you are trying to choose which adoption professional to work with. Most agencies’ requirements are not very restrictive, but some may be pickier about which hopeful parents they choose to work with.

Are there any other requirements to adopt a child in Montana?

There are the legal requirements to adopt in Montana, and then there are the emotional, personal adoption requirements. While this may seem more abstract or subjective, these adoption requirements are just as important. Any time someone becomes a new parent, it is life-changing. Becoming a parent through adoption is no different — it is a joy but also a challenge. And you need to be sure you are ready.

Are you prepared to meet the needs of a newborn? Say goodbye to your sleep schedule — there’s a new baby in town. The adoption process and parenting a newborn takes a lot of hard work. Make sure you are ready for everything involved before you start your Montana adoption.

Are you committed to an ongoing relationship with the potential birth mother? All hopeful parents working with American Adoptions agree to at least a semi-open relationship with the potential birth mother. Communication will look different with every unique adoption plan, but this is something you need to be ready for and committed to from the beginning.

Are you financially prepared for the adoption process and raising a child? You don’t have to be rich to adopt. However, the process can be expensive; not to mention the cost of raising a child after placement. Prepare yourself financially before starting the adoption process in Montana.

Can you put the needs of the child first? Montana’s law states, “The well-being of the child is the main objective in the placement of a child for adoption.” Being a parent means putting your child’s needs before your own. Are you ready to do this for your newborn?

So, what do you think? Do you meet the Montana adoption requirements? Are you ready for everything that comes with adopting a newborn baby? If you have more questions about American Adoptions, or want to get started with your adoption in Montana, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION now.

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