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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Foster Care Adoption in Ohio

More than 12,500 Ohio children are in foster care. Most of those children will be reunited with their biological family members after remaining in temporary care.

2,500 of those children were unable to be reunited with their biological family, and are eligible for adoption; waiting for permanent placement with a family. Many of these kids are older than 10, have siblings that they wish to be adopted with, or have additional needs.

While 51 percent of children who enter foster care are able to be reunited with their primary caretakers, 22 percent are later adopted.

While American Adoptions specializes in the domestic adoption of newborns and is unable to provide foster care adoption services in Ohio, we believe foster care adoption is a wonderful family-building option. The following resources can help you get started and provide you with some basic information about foster care adoption in Ohio:

The 3 Different Ways to Become a Parent through Foster Care

You can become a foster parent in Ohio in three different ways:

1. Foster Parenting

Becoming an Ohio foster parent means that you’ll be providing children with a temporary home that’s safe, supportive and loving. Children often remain with temporary foster parents until they’re reunited with biological family or they’re placed in a more permanent situation.

2. Foster to Adopt in Ohio

For foster parents who become interested in adopting a child that they’ve fostered in Ohio if that child becomes eligible for adoption, you can have the potential to adopt through a foster-to-adopt situation. While most Ohio foster care children do not become eligible for adoption, priority when choosing permanent placement is given to foster parents if there are no biological family members available to care for him or her.

3. Adopting from Foster Care in Ohio

Becoming a foster parent is not necessary if you want to adopt through foster care in Ohio. Instead, you can request to be matched only with children in foster care who are already eligible for adoption in Ohio, and who are waiting for a family.

Understanding Ohio Foster Care Adoption Subsidies

Parents who adopt from foster care in Ohio and foster parents caring for children in their home are often eligible for adoption assistance in the form of a state-funded adoption subsidy. The amount usually varies depending on the needs of the child(ren) you adopt.

Who Can Foster to Adopt in Ohio or Adopt through Foster Care?

Similarly to domestic adoption, adopting from foster care in Ohio or becoming a foster parent means that you’ll need to complete an Ohio foster care adoption home study, undergo background checks, submit references, attend foster parent training courses and more.

To become a foster parent in Ohio, you must be at least 21 years old. To adopt from foster care in Ohio, you must be at least 18.

Other requirements for foster parents in Ohio may vary depending on the foster care agency or adoption professional you choose to work with, so contact your professional to learn how to become a foster parent with them and what they require.

Who Can Be Adopted from Foster Care in Ohio?

Children who are in temporary foster care are not eligible for adoption. A child must have their biological parents’ parental rights legally terminated before they can become available for an Ohio foster care adoption. This can be done voluntarily by the parent(s), or involuntarily by a judge if the parent has failed to meet the necessary requirements to regain custody, and the court believes this action to be in the best interest of the child.

Ohio Foster Care Adoption Agencies and Additional Resources

Below, you can find resources for foster care and adoption in Ohio, including Ohio foster care adoption agencies and Ohio adoption photolisting sites:

If you’re adopting from foster care in Ohio, you’ll need to finalize you adoption in your local county probate court.

Contact your Ohio foster care adoption agency for additional resources and services to help you in your journey to adopt a foster child , or contact us to ask questions about the ddomestic adoption process by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

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