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Idolene's Scholarship Letter

Have you ever felt the sense of completion after you finally found your niche in life?

I finally have and that is Interior Design. I have a passion for Interior Design because I love everything that is behind it, including: The psychology, the fang aM, the way you can change a person's mood and outlook by the feel of a room, the color, the placement of furniture and decor, and also the business aspect.

Since I have been practicing Interior Design on my house and clients houses, I have gained a scene of accomplishment and desire to become more in this field. I want to lead the foundation in which creates the design. I want to enhance my drawing capabilities and also learn the business aspects so that when I am doing estimates or talking to potential clients I can give them proper numbers and also have proper business etiquette.

My dream of Interior Design is being able to have a credibility from an institute that will take me to owning my own business, employing other designers and building the greatest interior design team out there, and also gaining personal respect for the field and having the knowledge and confidence that I need to succeed in this dream and goal that I have set for myself.

I think that anyone who is eligible for this scholarship should be able to receive it, for everything they have been through with the recovery of putting your child up for a adoption. Unfortunately that's not how things work, so what makes me stand out against everyone else is that I have found something that I know and want to succeed in, and not only for myself and future but for my child, Banett, that I put up for adoption.

As you can see I am very passionate about my career and going back to school. I hope you will consider me not only based on what's on the paper but the passion I put into my dreams and goals. I can guarantee that with this scholarship I will soar with determination and success.

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