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Adoption Finalization in South Carolina

How to Complete Your SC Adoption

Adoption finalization is the last legal step in the South Carolina adoption process. Once finalization is complete, your child is a legal and permanent part of your family.

After your child is placed with you and before the final decree of adoption is issued through adoption finalization in South Carolina, the following steps will need to take place:

Once you’ve completed the above steps, your adoption attorney will contact you to tell you when your South Carolina adoption finalization hearing has been scheduled. This hearing usually occurs several months following placement and will take place at your local family court, which has jurisdiction over adoptions in South Carolina.

Breaking Down the South Carolina Adoption Finalization Hearing

The adoption finalization hearing is fairly straightforward and brief, lasting only about twenty minutes to an hour. The judge will issue the final decree of adoption, which legally ends the South Carolina adoption process.

At your South Carolina adoption finalization hearing, you can expect the following:

Step 1: You and your adoption attorney will be sworn in before the judge and the court.

Step 2: The judge will likely ask you a series of questions, including why you wanted to adopt and your capability to give your child a safe and stable home.

Step 3: The judge may ask your social worker or adoption attorney some additional questions about the adoption, and then they’ll sign the final decree of adoption.

A final decree of adoption signifies the last step of your child’s adoption in South Carolina.

Once the Final Decree of Adoption Has Been Issued in South Carolina

With the South Carolina adoption finalization completed, you’re now able to file for your child’s amended birth certificate as well as their social security card.

Adoption doesn’t really end with finalization — it’s an ongoing journey that lasts a lifetime for everyone involved. For adoptive parents, birth parents and especially for adoptees, keeping an open dialogue about adoption is an important way to continue to grow and explore your history as a family.

If you ever have questions, need help communicating with your child’s birth family, need educational resources, support, or anything else, you can always contact your American Adoptions specialist for help in the future. Want more information about our agency in the meantime? Call 1-800-ADOPTION now to learn more.

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