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Do You Get Paid for Adoption in Texas?

The Truth About Adoption 'Compensation' for TX Birth Mothers

If you’re considering adoption in Texas, you might be doing so because you don’t feel like you are able to financially support a child.

You may be worried, “Does it cost to give a child up for adoption in Texas? How much is it to put a baby up for adoption? Can I afford it?”

We have good news: It’s 100 percent free to place a child for adoption in Texas.

Because limited finances are one of the reasons why many women feel unable to parent their child in Texas, you may have also wondered, “Do you get paid for putting a baby up for adoption in Texas?”

Payment for the placement of a child into an adoption is illegal. There are no adoption agencies that pay you in exchange for placing your child. With that being said, most expectant mothers receive birth mother living expenses, which cover the cost of pregnancy, birth and more.

To get detailed information about the financial assistance for adoption and free adoption services you can receive through our adoption agency you can reach out to our adoption specialists today at 1-800 ADOPTION or get more information online.

If you’re prospective adoptive parents wondering about how much it costs to adopt a child in Texas, you can get more information here.

Here’s what you need to know about this adoption financial assistance.

Facts vs. Fiction About “Getting Paid” for Adoption in Texas

First, let’s get one thing clear: Financial help for birth mothers “giving a baby up” for adoption in Texas is not “adoption compensation” for a birth mother. Women do not “get paid” for adoption in Texas — or in any other state, for that matter.

Instead, adoption financial assistance exists solely to help prospective birth mothers cover the costs of their pregnancy and adoption plan. It’s no secret: pregnancy and childbirth are costly. Without this assistance, many women would not be able to choose adoption. Financial support when “giving a baby up” for adoption in Texas allows women to focus on what matters most: taking care of themselves and their unborn babies during pregnancy.

If you have questions about the financial support that may be available in your situation, or if you would like to start the Texas adoption process now, you can contact an adoption specialist any time at 1-800-ADOPTION or get more information online.

How to Get Paid for Adoption Expenses in Texas

So, how can you go about receiving this financial assistance for adoption in Texas — and how exactly can it help you?

Through American Adoptions, your adoption-related pregnancy expenses are taken care of for you. This typically includes things like:

  • Childcare

  • Medical care throughout your pregnancy

  • Transportation

  • Rent and utilities

  • Groceries

Free services provided for birth mothers in Texas through American Adoptions also include:

  • Medical care

  • Legal representation. As the birth parent your rights should always be protected.

  • Counseling services before, during, and after the adoption, whenever you might need it

  • Living expenses based on your financial need and Texas adoption law

These free adoption services and additional living expenses are provided so that you can put financial concerns out of your mind while you’re pregnant, creating an adoption plan, choosing adoptive parents and trying to go about your life.

We know that pregnancy is emotionally, mentally, physically and financially difficult. We also know what it’s like to go through the adoption process. Our staff is made up of birth parents, adoptees and adoptive famiies who have been in your shoes. We get it. You are sacrificing a lot to carry this pregnancy and make an adoption plan — it should not have to be a financial burden, as well. We’ll make sure you get the help you need.

How Much Adoption Financial Assistance Can You Receive in TX?

All of the essentials, such as legal, medical and counseling services, are always free for women considering adoption in Texas with American Adoptions. Additional adoption financial assistance for pregnancy and adoption-related living expenses is determined by:

  • Your living situation, including any dependents you are caring for.

  • Your income situation and ability to work during your pregnancy.

  • Living expense limitations dictated by Texas adoption law, which may vary by county.

Pregnancy makes it difficult to work, and the financial costs of being pregnant and giving birth are expensive, even for those who have insurance. Texas adoption living expenses are there to take away some of the financial burden for expectant mothers during an already stressful time. This allows you to focus on your health and wellbeing instead of the bills.

All financial assistance for adoption-related expenses must be approved by the Texas court. Your adoption specialist will assess your financial need, and the court will approve any costs that they consider to be necessary and within reason.

So, if you’re wondering, “Does it cost to give a child up for adoption in Texas?” Know that the answer is always no — adoption is 100 percent free to you. Additionally, you can receive pregnancy- and birth-related expenses so that money doesn’t have to be on your mind while you’re creating your baby’s adoption plan to benefit their future.

Call 1-800-ADOPTION now to talk to an adoption specialist now about your financial needs and get free adoption information.

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