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How to "Give a Baby Up" for Adoption in Texas

And Why You’re Not 'Giving Up' at All

An unexpected pregnancy is one of the biggest challenges a woman can face, because deciding how to move forward is one of the most difficult decisions you could make. It’s not something that anyone takes lightly. The first step you should take when you’re pregnant and not sure what to do is to educate yourself fully about your three unplanned pregnancy options in Texas:

  • Adoption

  • Parenting

  • Abortion

There’s no one “right” answer. The choice is one that only you can make based on what is right for you.

But, as one of the leading adoption agencies in the U.S., we can help by providing you with judgment-free information about placing a baby for adoption in Texas.

We’re here 24/7 to answer your adoption questions and provide the support you need as you explore your unplanned pregnancy options. You can reach us any time at 1-800-ADOPTION or get more information here — for free and with everything you need to know to make an adoption plan.

In the meantime, keep reading for more information about how to “give a baby up” for adoption in Texas — and the truth about what this decision really means for you and your child.

What it Really Means to “Give a Baby Up” for Adoption in Texas [It Can Change Life for the Better]

Let’s clear up a common misconception first. You’ve probably heard of people “giving a baby up for adoption” or “putting a baby up for adoption” in Texas. But this way of speaking and thinking makes adoption seem like a negative for women who are choosing adoption for their children.

The decision of “giving your baby up” for adoption is something that takes a great deal of thought and love for your child. No matter the reason why you’re considering adoption, you’re always doing so because you want to give your baby the best life they can possibly have with loving parents who are ready and excited to raise them.

When you place your baby for adoption in Texas through American Adoptions, you will have access to many beneficial services such as:

  • 24/7 guidance and counseling. Our adoption counselors are available to you if you ever need help coping with the complex emotions an unplanned pregnancy can bring, no matter what time of day it is.

  • Financial assistance. As the birth parent, adoption is always free to you. We will work with you to determine what expenses you need help covering and will do everything we can to help.

  • Complete control over your adoption plan. You deserve to be comfortable with your adoption plan. Our adoption specialists will facilitate everything for you, but you get to make all of your own decisions.

  • Firsthand adoption experience. American Adoptions has many staff members who are adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees. This experience allows us to provide you with a fresh perspective and the empathetic service you deserve.

Adoption is a brave, loving and selfless act. It can create a better future for yourself and your baby. If that sounds good to you, American Adoptions can help. Keep reading to find out how.

How to Place a Baby for Adoption in TX

To understand just how much thought and care goes into making an adoption plan for your baby, let’s take a look at the process of placing a baby for adoption in Texas. Every woman’s situation is unique, and no two adoption processes are exactly the same.

But, in general, here’s a basic overview of the process for those who are pregnant and considering adoption in Texas:

Step 1: Decide if Adoption is Best for You and your Baby [Think About the Benefits]

You are already beginning this step by reading this article and learning more about your unplanned pregnancy options. Placing a baby for adoption can be emotionally difficult, but it can also be a rewarding way to respond to your unplanned pregnancy that benefits you, your child, and the adoptive family you choose.

There is a lot to think about when you are trying to determine whether this path is the right one for you, and it is important to thoroughly research all your choices. When considering their unplanned pregnancy options, other pregnant women thinking about adoption in Texas have asked questions like:

With a decision as big as this, it can help to have firsthand perspective. Reach out to Michelle, a birth parent specialist at American Adoptions and a birth parent herself, to get helpful advice and answers to questions that might be racing around in your head.

If you have a question about your specific situation, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION 24/7 for free information with no obligation to choose adoption.

Step 2: Create Your Personal Adoption Plan [You’re In Charge]

First, you need to know that you’re always in control of your adoption plan when you’re “giving your baby up” for adoption in Texas. You’ll be calling the shots, including:

  • Choosing the adoptive parents and family you picture your child growing up with.  You will have peace of mind knowing who will be raising your child.

  • Deciding the details of your hospital and delivery plan. You will be able to create a hospital plan that suits your needs to ensure you will be comfortable during your hospital stay.

  • Determining how much post-adoption contact you want. With an open adoption you will be able to stay in contact with your child and their adoptive family so that you can keep in touch and watch your child grow and thrive.

These decisions will form your adoption plan, which American Adoptions will use to guide the rest of your adoption process. You will have your own personal adoption specialist to help you create this plan and think through these questions — she’ll also be there to support you and provide the services you need every step of the way.

Every decision that’s made in the adoption process is yours, first and foremost. We’ll simply be here to educate you about your options and counsel you through the legal and emotional steps of putting your baby up for adoption in Texas.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Adoptive Parents to Raise Your Baby

Most pregnant women considering adoption in Texas find that choosing adoptive parents to raise their child is a surprisingly reassuring stage of the adoption process with American Adoptions. Many women find that when they see the “right” family’s adoption profile, they feel a greater sense of peace with their adoption decision.

Many of our adoption specialists are adoptive parents themselves or adoptees raised by wonderful adoptive parents. Because of this experience, we know what goes into finding a great adoptive family and how important it is to have full confidence that your baby is safe and well cared for.Every adoptive family with American Adoptions is:

  • Approved to adopt via an extensive screening process, which includes a thorough home study, various background checks and more.

  • Committed to creating their family through adoption and excited and ready to raise a child.

  • Equally eager to know and have a relationship with you through email, phone exchanges, and more before and after the adoption, with post-adoption contact determined by your own level of comfort.

Here’s how you find the right adoptive parents when you’re “giving a baby up” for adoption in Texas:

  • You and your American Adoptions specialist will talk about the kind of life you envision for your child and consider how you picture their family. You can get as specific as you want about things like where the adoptive family lives, whether you want your child to siblings or pets, the opportunity to travel, the type of education you want them to receive, the religion you want them to practice, hobbies you’d like them to have and more. 

  • Your TX adoption specialist will send you profiles of prospective adoptive parents that match what you’re envisioning, and you can also search on your own through American Adoptions’ website. Once you find a family that stands out to you, you will let your adoption specialist know. Working with American Adoptions will give you a better chance at finding the perfect adoptive family to raise your baby because we work with multiple families at once.

  • If you want to get to know the family before placement, your adoption specialist will arrange a conference call with the family that feels right to you so that you can all talk. You’ll talk to and get to know your child’s potential parents; ask questions, talk about the dreams you share for your baby and how you’d like the adoption to go.

  • When you’ve chosen your baby’s parents, you can keep communicating until the delivery and, if you place your baby, you’re free to remain in regular contact after the adoption is finalized throughout your baby’s life to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

The relationship you create with your child’s adoptive parents after “giving your baby up” for adoption can be a unique lifelong bond. Many women find it’s similar to gaining extended family!

Step 4: Create a Birth Plan that Best Accommodates You

Knowing how you want your stay in the hospital to go when you’re considering adoption in Texas can help you feel more prepared and relaxed ahead of delivery. Together with your adoption specialist, you’ll create a birth plan that works for you. You’ll consider:

  • Who you want to be there in the hospital and/or delivery room for support

  • To what extent you want the adoptive family involved in the birth of the baby

  • Who will hold your baby first and at what times

  • Any gifts, letters, photos, or special mementos you’d like your baby to have to mark the important day

After the delivery, Texas adoption law requires that you wait a minimum of 48 hours until you can sign your adoption paperwork. When you sign your paperwork, it means that you’re clearing the way for your child to be placed in the care of their adoptive parents.

Your adoption specialist will walk you through the adoption papers and offer any counseling you might need during this emotional time. Our team is made up of adoptees, birth parents and adoptive families who have personally experience adoption, so we know how to give guidance and support that is truly helpful.

You can always change your mind about your adoption plan at any point before giving your legal consent to the adoption, but it’s very important that you feel confident in your decision before signing.

Step 5: Continue Post Placement Communication with Your Child

Following the adoption, you are officially a “birth parent.” As a birth parent, you can play a special role in your child’s life.

Post-adoption contact after “giving up” a baby for adoption in Texas can take whatever form you want. An open adoption is entirely what you make it! This can include:

  • Calls and texts

  • Emails

  • Video chats

  • Visits

  • Or any combination of these and more — it’s all about what makes everyone feel comfortable and happiest

Every post-adoption relationship is different; some birth parents have very open relationships with their child and their parents. Other birth parents prefer to exchange the occasional email or have a more closed adoption. It’s simply another aspect of placing a baby for adoption in Texas that’s up to you!

“Giving your baby up” for adoption in Texas doesn’t mean saying “goodbye” forever. Get more information about the Texas adoption process and the ways in which you can create an adoption plan that’s tailored to your adoption vision by calling 1-800-ADOPTION now or get more free information online.


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