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Foster Care and Adoption in Vermont

Licensing Requirements, Photolistings, Foster Care Professionals, and More

Adopting an infant isn’t the only way to grow your family. In Vermont, there are 1,436 children in foster care. Over 250 of these children are waiting to meet a loving and supportive adoptive family. By choosing to foster to adopt in Vermont, you could help provide the perfect home that any foster child can thrive in.

There are three ways to build your family through a foster care adoption in Vermont:

  1. Foster Parenting: As a foster parent, you will provide a safe, temporary home for a child until they can be reunited with their biological parents or until they can be adopted.

  2. Foster-to-Adopt: With this option, foster parents provide a safe environment for foster children with the intention to adopt if they are unable to reunite with their biological family.

  3. Adoption through Foster Care in Vermont: If you plan to adopt through foster care, you don’t need to become a foster parent first. Instead, you can find children that are eligible and waiting to be adopted in Vermont.

Having to leave your biological family can be a traumatic experience, one that children in foster care know all too well. If you are considering a foster child adoption in Vermont, it’s crucial that you and your family know about these issues before adopting a foster child. In addition, children that are eligible to foster-adopt are usually older and part of a sibling group — and may have medical and developmental needs, as well.

To get a good idea of what it’s like to become a foster parent, you can reach out to other families through foster adoption forums and foster-to-adopt blogs in Vermont. Foster adoption stories are another great resource where you can glimpse into the life of someone who has been adopted through foster care and what it’s like to adopt from foster care. You can also look at foster care adoption photolistings in Vermont to see a good representation of the eligible children available in foster care.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent in Vermont, please contact your local Department for Children and Families. If you are considering foster care adoption vs. private adoption in Vermont, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION to get free information now. An adoption specialist will be able to connect you with more resources available for a foster care adoption in Vermont.

Requirements to Adopt a Foster Child

Before you can adopt a foster child in Vermont, you’ll need to make sure you meet the qualifications for adoption. If you are considering adopting from foster care, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old.

  • Have sufficient income to support your family and the foster child.

  • Have enough room in your home to care for a child

Any person that is single, married, living with a partner, or joined through a civil union can adopt through the Vermont foster care system.

Prospective foster parents will also need to complete a foster care adoption home study. In Vermont, this can include:

  • Background checks and clearances

  • Financial statements

  • Medical statements

  • Five references

You will also need to complete a home inspection, and every member of your family will have an interview with the assigned social worker before you can foster-adopt in Vermont.

Before you start gathering the necessary paperwork, it’s important to contact your local foster care professional in Vermont first. They will be able to tell you which documents are applicable for a foster care adoption, and help educate you on what to expect during your foster adoption home study in Vermont. As the home study is often the lengthiest part of any adoption process, it’s a good idea to call your foster care representative as soon as you are able to.

Furthermore, you will be required to attend foster parent training. The Foundations for Kinship, Foster, and Adoptive Families is a program designed to help educate kinship and foster parents in the state of Virginia. You will need to complete this within the first year of becoming a foster parent. 

For more information on the requirements for a foster care adoption in Vermont, contact the Department for Children and Families. You can also visit 1-800-homestudy for additional resources and examples of what to expect during your home study. 

Can Foster Parents in VT receive an Adoption Subsidy?

There is plenty of financial support available for foster parents in Vermont. Here are some of the types of financial support you can receive:

  • The adoption subsidy payment schedule is monthly, and the stipend you receive is intended to help with the cost of raising a child

  • If the foster child damages your home, you may be reimbursed for the cost of repairs

  • Children in care are eligible to receive free school lunches

  • If the child comes into care without adequate clothing, an initial clothing voucher of $100 may be issued.

Vermont Foster Care Agencies

Even though American Adoptions specializes in infant adoption, we still believe that adopting from foster care is a great option for those wishing to build their families. If you would like to start learning more about the foster care process for a Vermont adoption, contact one of the following agencies:

If you would like to learn more about adoption vs. foster care in Vermont, you are more than welcome to request receive free information to learn about American Adoptions' services. . 

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