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International Adoption in Wyoming

How to Adopt a Child From A Foreign Country

When you’re thinking about adoption in Wyoming, it’s good to consider all of the different paths available to you. You could begin a domestic infant adoption or a foster care adoption to adopt a baby in the United States. You could also consider adopting internationally in Wyoming as a way to grow your family.

International adoption in Wyoming, also called intercountry adoption, is a complex process. It could be the best option for your family, but you won’t know until you have a better understand of what’s involved. That’s why we created this guide to the international adoption process in Wyoming. Even though American Adoptions only works with families in domestic infant adoptions, we want to help you adopt whichever way is best for you. You can also contact us online at any time to learn more about international adoption in Wyoming.

The International Adoption Process in Wyoming

The Wyoming international adoption process can be long and complicated. It deals with adoption laws from two separate nations, which would already be enough to make something complex. But international adoption also involves immigration, travel and much more.

Your international adoption process in Wyoming will be unique. But if you’re wondering how to adopt a child from another country, this broad outline of the process will give you a decent understanding of what it takes.

Step 1: Choosing a country.

There are two key items to consider when choosing a country to adopt from: that country’s unique adoption requirements and the Hague convention. Before you decide on any country, make sure you will be eligible to adopt based on its requirements. After this, check and see if the country is compliant with the Hague convention, which sets a global standard for adoption. While there is some disagreement about the Hague convention, it is the standard of the U.S. government.

Step 2: Finding an agency.

There are several international adoption agencies in Wyoming you can work with. As we’ve said, this process is complicated. Finding an agency you completely trust is vital to a successful international adoption in Wyoming.

Step 3: Completing the international adoption home study.

Just like a domestic adoption, adopting internationally in Wyoming requires a home study to assess your living situation and adoption readiness. Typically, your adoption agency will help you complete the home study. There are also helpful tools to help you prepare for this step of the process.

Step 4: Working with immigration services.

When you adopt internationally in Wyoming, you will need to work with the U.S. State Department to secure the necessary immigrant visas for yourself and your future child. Children adopted from other countries need to have a visa before they can return to the U.S., which means it is very important to work this out before leaving the country.

Step 5: Receiving your child referral.

Once all the necessary steps have been taken, you will receive a referral from your adoption agency for a child. In some cases, you can view international adoption photolistings with your agency. No matter which way the referral happens, seeing your child’s face for the first time can be an amazing moment, and many hopeful parents feel an immediate connection.

Step 6: Travel and adoption finalization.

Once you have accepted a referral, you will travel to your child’s country of birth to meet them and complete the adoption. Some international adoptions in Wyoming require several out-of-country trips, while others can be completed with only one trip. When you return to the U.S. with your child, it is advised that you complete a re-adoption, which is the process of having your adoption recognized in a U.S. court.  

International Adoptions Facts

It may come as a surprise, but international adoption, in Wyoming and around the country, has been declining drastically over the last decade. Since its peak in 2004, international adoptions completed by U.S. parents have dropped from nearly 23,000 to only 4,714 adoptions in 2017. In Wyoming, there were 19 international adoptions in 2017.

As the number of international adoptions in Wyoming has gone down, the international adoption costs have slowly increased. A variety of factors can impact how much it costs to adopt a child from another country. Generally speaking, the cost of an international adoption is around $40,000.

Wyoming International Adoption Agencies

While there are not many international adoption agencies headquartered in Wyoming, there are several different, trusted options you can choose from. For your international adoption agency in Wyoming, you could consider:

Learn More About International Adoption in Wyoming

Choosing the type of adoption you would like to pursue is a big decision. It’s okay to take your time and ask a lot of questions first. If you’d like to learn more about international adoption in Wyoming, you can always reach out to an international adoption specialist at any time. If you're interested in learning more about domestic infant adoptions, don't hestitate to call us at 1-800-ADOPTION. 

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