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Adoption Requirements in Wyoming

Are You Eligible to Adopt in Wyoming?

So, you want to adopt. You’ve looked into adoption in Wyoming, and you’ve considered how this could be a beautiful way to start your family. Still, there’s one more thing to check on before going too much further: the adoption requirements in Wyoming.

Each state has its own unique adoption laws, and it’s a good thing that you’re checking in on the requirements to adopt in Wyoming. Some states have more strict adoption requirements, while others are more open. In addition to your state, there may be additional adoption requirements from the adoption agency you decide to work with.

We’ll cover all this and more in this guide to requirements for adoption in Wyoming. By the end, you’ll know if you are eligible to adopt and ready to start your process. If something you read sparks a specific question, you can always call American Adoptions to speak with an adoption specialist.

But first, let’s cover the basics.

Why Are There Adoption Requirements in Wyoming?

You may be wondering why Wyoming has adoption requirements. Don’t we want more people to choose adoption in Wyoming? Aren’t requirements restrictive? These are good questions to ask. It is great if more people participate in adoption, but it is also important that all children are placed in safe, secure, loving families. By setting basic adoption requirements, and by digging a little deeper through steps like the adoption home study, states put structures in place to make sure all children are placed with the best family possible.

What Are the Requirements to Adopt a Baby in Wyoming?

Wyoming adoption requirements are very open, which is good news if you are thinking about beginning the adoption process in the state. Wyoming’s requirements for adoption take up only one sentence in the state’s adoption law. That sentence breaks down into three parts:

  • You must be an adult, and

  • Have resided in the state for more than 60 days immediately before filing a petition for adoption, and

  • Be determined by a court to be a fit and competent parent

That’s all the law says about the matter. The first two points are pretty clear-cut, while the third leaves a little more room for discretion on the part of a judge. There’s no reason to worry about these Wyoming adoption requirements, however, because your adoption specialist and adoption attorney will guide you to a successfully completed adoption.

What Are the Requirements to Adopt from Foster Care in Wyoming?

At American Adoptions, we only work in domestic infant adoption. But we recognize that there are many different ways to grow your family, and we encourage you to fulfill your dream of becoming parents in whichever way works best for your unique situation. For you, this may mean adopting from foster care. In Wyoming, adoption requirements from foster care are slightly different than the list above.

In order to adopt from foster care in Wyoming, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Be single or married

  • Have good physical and emotional health

  • Be financially stable

  • Have no history of substantiated abuse or neglect

  • Have a clean criminal record

If you meet these requirements for adoption in Wyoming, you can contact the Department of Family Services about taking the next steps to becoming a foster parent.

Will There Be Adoption Requirements from My Agency?                 

There could be more adoption requirements in Wyoming depending on which agency you work with. This is a good question to ask any adoption professional you are considering. Some agencies will be stricter than others, and you need to know that upfront before getting into the process. American Adoptions, for example, does have specific requirements for our adoption programs, but try to make it so that as many people as possible can adopt.

Additional Requirements for Adoption in Wyoming

At this point, we’ve covered all of the legal requirements for adoption in Wyoming. So, what’s left? There are some additional Wyoming adoption requirements that can’t necessarily be written in to law, yet are vital for a successful adoption.

  • Requirement: Be completely committed to the adoption process. You can’t do adoption half-heartedly. This process requires a lot from you, and it’s only going to be successful if you are 100 percent committed from the beginning.

  • Requirement: Be prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. Raising a child is a joy and a dream. It is also a responsibility and a challenge. Are you ready for all this entails, the good and the bad?

  • Requirement: Be committed to an ongoing relationship with the potential birth mother. Did you know that more than 90 percent of domestic infant adoptions are at least semi-open? This looks different in each situation, ranging from occasional letters to an ongoing, in-person relationship. Whatever the case may be for you, are you ready to invest in this important relationship as a part of adoption?

Start Your Adoption Today

If you meet the adoption requirements in Wyoming and are ready to begin your adoption process today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist at any time. You can also request free information if you need to do a little more research before deciding if adoption is right for you. 

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