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How to Find an Adoptive Family in Indiana

If placing your baby for adoption in Indiana has been on your mind for a while,thinking about adoptive families in Indiana may be the next big step in your journey. In fact, you may already have an idea of what kind of home you want your child to grow up in. Do you want your child to have siblings? Do you want them to grow up in a suburban or rural environment? Would you like the adoptive family to leave nearby, making it easier to visit each other?

If you haven’t had a moment to think about your options, don’t worry — an adoption specialist can help you find adoptive parents that are the perfect match for you! By calling 1-800-ADOPTION or filling out our online form, you can request free information to begin finding adoptive parents looking to adopt a newborn in Indiana.

Can I Pick Someone to Adopt My Baby in Indiana?

You will absolutely be able to choose both the adoptive parents and the life that you want for your baby. You are always the one in charge of your adoption in Indiana plan, and this is one of the most important aspects. When you start looking for adoptive parents, you will fill out an adoptive family preferences worksheet. In this form you can tell us all about what kind of family you envision for your child, so we can help you find the perfect match.

There are many parents looking to adopt a newborn in Indiana and throughout the U.S., each with their own unique story. Your counselor may end up presenting you with several waiting families’ profiles!  However, the final choice will always be up to you.

Determining what you want in a prospective adoptive family will be a very useful tool to narrow down your options. Your preferences can include:

  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • What they do for work
  • Their level of education

This is just a small sample of different attributes that you can choose for your child’s adoptive family. Your birth parent specialist may ask you other questions to help guide your search. Remember, your adoption process is always based on your desires, and we want you to find the adoptive family that you are the most comfortable with.

Of course, there will be some additional preferences that you might consider. If you are interested in an open adoption in Indiana, choosing a family that lives close to you might be an advantage. Placing your baby with adoptive parents in Indiana may make it easier to arrange meetings in person during your pregnancy, giving you a better understanding of the family that your child will grow up with.

However, you do not have to choose a prospective adoptive family in Indiana.  If you find a family that you really like who happens to live several states away, you will still be able to get to know them. In fact, you might feel more comfortable with a family that lives farther away, allowing both parties to have some personal space in the process. The choice of where your baby’s adoptive parents live will always be up to you.

These little decisions will have a big impact on your child's future, so it is important to start thinking about it early. Remember, your adoption counselor will always support you through this decision process and show you adoption profiles of families that meet your desires.

How Does American Adoptions Find Adoptive Families in Indiana?

American Adoptions is a national agency that receives applications from prospective adoptive families all over the U.S. You will have a variety of options for families wanting to adopt,  including different ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations and more.

Parents that are looking to adopt a newborn will have to first complete our activation process before you are able to be matched with them. During this time, our counselors make sure that hopeful parents can provide a safe and loving home to an adopted child. Any adoptive family you choose will be cleared by background checks and an adoption home study.

Families waiting to adopt may also have their own preferences when it comes to the child they dream of adopting. It may take some time of getting to know one another after an initial match to really see if you are a good fit. However long it may take, we will always help you find adoptive parents that are perfect for your baby.

If you are interested in looking for families wanting to adopt in Indiana, American Adoptions has provided a list of different couples looking to adopt.

Sharing Pre-Placement Contact with Adoptive Parents

Once you think you have found the right family, the next step will be arranging a meeting with them. An adoptive family specialist will initiate contact between the two of you, which will normally happen through  a conference call. This is where you can start getting to know one another. You will both be able to ask each other questions to determine whether this is a good match for your adoption. Some examples of questions that you can ask are:

  • “What is your neighborhood, school system, and community like?”
  • “How did you meet each other?”
  • “How would you describe your personalities?”

If both you and the adoptive family live in Indiana, you may be interested in meeting face-to-face. If you match with a family out of state, you are also able to talk to them through texts and phone calls.

However, if you do connect with a family from another state, you might not get to meet each other face-to-face until your hospital stay. Before delivery, your specialist will ask you to describe your hospital delivery plan. This way, you can explain how involved you would like the adoptive family to be during this time.

Because they will arrive from another state, your adoptive family will also need to complete the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). This will require nothing additional from you as a prospective birth mother. But, if you are thinking about an open adoption, finding a family that is willing to travel for future visits to Indiana may something to consider.

Finding the right family for you will take some time, but our counselors will always support you through this process. If you are ready to start learning about prospective adoptive parents, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or request free information on our website.

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