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Help for Unplanned Pregnancy in Delaware

Unplanned Pregnancy Options and Resources for You

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy in Delaware can be extremely difficult.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely trying to figure out whether or not adoption in Delaware is an option for you. You’re probably also handling a whole host of emotions — confusion, anxiety and maybe even fear. Before we get any further, you should know that you can call American Adoptions’ 24/7 hotline to speak with a professional about your unplanned pregnancy in Delaware. We’ve been working with expectant mothers for 25 years, and our adoption professionals can inform you of all of your unplanned pregnancy options.

As you try to decide what is best for you, you’ll have a lot of questions.

What are my options if I’m pregnant in Delaware? How do I know if adoption in Delaware is right for me? Should I keep my baby?

In this guide to unplanned pregnancy in Delaware, we’ll walk through these questions, explain some of your pregnancy options and provide some local resources you can reach out to.

What Are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Delaware?

An unwanted pregnancy rocks your whole world. You had plans — a vision for where life was headed. Your unplanned pregnancy in Delaware can seem to derail all of that, and you’re left wondering what you can do about it. While there are unique options for every situation, there are three basics paths available when you are experiencing an unintended pregnancy in Delaware. 

  • Parenting: Even though your pregnancy was unexpected, it could be a beautiful opportunity for your family. Many mothers who experience an unplanned pregnancy in Delaware decide to parent their child. If this is possible, it is of course a great option. There are some things to consider, like if you have the financial resources to raise a child or a stable living situation with a partner who can help.

    It’s okay to be unsure about parenting. It’s completely normal to find yourself thinking, “Am I ready to be a parent?” You may not be ready for a baby but pregnant in Delaware, and if this is the case, there are two other choices you can make.

  • Abortion: Any woman in American has the right to terminate her pregnancy through abortion. In Delaware, there are six abortion-providing facilities. Recent laws have made it so that public funding in Delaware is only available for abortions in the case of life endangerment, rape or incest. This means that, barring any of these scary circumstances, abortion may be a more expensive choice.

    While abortion may sometimes be presented as an “easy” way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy in Delaware, there are many things to consider. The physical toll of abortion can’t be overlooked, and neither can the emotional effects. These are all worth taking into account before choosing abortion.

  • Adoption: You’ve probably heard the phrase “giving up a baby for adoption.” But choosing adoption is not giving up — it’s giving a chance at life. Adoption isn’t always easy, but it is a brave decision to give your child an opportunity to thrive in a loving family while also handling your unplanned pregnancy in Delaware. Adoption is totally free to an expectant mother, and there are adoption specialists who are eager to make your adoption process as smooth as possible.

How Do I Know if Adoption in Delaware is Right for Me?

Adoption isn’t for everyone, but it could be the best thing for you. How do you know if adoption is right for you in Delaware? There are several things you can consider.

Are you unable to raise your child?

If you’ve weighed the options in parenting vs adoption in Delaware and decided that parenting isn’t possible, then adoption could be right for you. What many people don’t understand is that even though life circumstances prevent you from parenting, you still love your baby. Adoption comes from a place of love when a mother wants to give her child a chance at a wonderful life. If you know you can’t parent, this may be right for you.

Are you experiencing financial anxiety due to your unplanned pregnancy in Delaware?

Most people experience some sort of financial anxiety on a semi-regular basis. However, the financial pressure from an unplanned pregnancy in Delaware can be extreme. If you know that it will be financially impossible to raise a child, adoption could be the right choice for you. If you’re thinking of adoption instead of keeping the baby in Delaware, you should know that adoption is free for you. You’ll actually be eligible for some financial assistance during the process.

Have you given this choice serious consideration?

This is a really big decision. We don’t want you to make a snap judgement after reading one thing online. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION today to speak with an adoption professional who will help you get a much clearer understanding of adoption. This is a life-changing decision, and it’s okay to take your time on it.

Unplanned Pregnancy Resources in Delaware

Whichever choice is best for you, you don’t have to go through an unexpected pregnancy in Delaware on your own. There are resources for you to help make this easier to navigate.

To begin accessing resources for your unplanned pregnancy in Delaware, call 1-800-ADOPTION today.

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