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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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5 Questions You Have About Adoption Requirements in Kansas

So, you’re thinking about adding to your family through adoption. You’re excited by the idea, and it seems like the perfect way to bring home the child you’ve been waiting for. But you’ve also heard that the process can be difficult, and that you will need to meet a lot of requirements to adopt in Kansas. Do you really have what it takes?

It’s true that the adoption process is governed by laws and regulations — these ensure you’re ready to adopt and provide a safe, loving home to a child. And, as hopeful parents, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic adoption laws in Kansas.

What better place to start than the requirements to adopt a child in Kansas?

Adoption Requirements in Kansas

The requirements to adopt a child in Kansas can vary depending on the type of adoption you pursue and the professional you work with. For example, adopting an infant with American Adoptions will have slightly different requirements than adopting a child from foster care in Kansas, just as adopting internationally will have its own set of requirements (which can vary by country).

For the most part, though, adoption requirements in Kansas will be similar, despite some variation between adoption professionals and types of adoption.

Here are a few of the most common questions that potential adoptive parents have regarding the requirements for adopting a child in KS:

Do you have to be married to adopt in Kansas?

While there are no laws requiring someone to be married to adopt a child a KS, some agencies only accept couples that have been married for a certain number of years. However, these agencies may make some exceptions for both single individuals and committed couples.

If you have questions about the requirements to adopt with American Adoptions in Kansas, please contact us for more information.

Can same-sex couples adopt in Kansas?

Same-sex couples are welcome to adopt through American Adoptions, and there are no laws restricting LGBTQ+ adoption in Kansas. However, new legislative action does allow some organizations to deny service to LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. Make sure the agency you want to work with is not one who would deny you services. American Adoptions is proud to work with many wonderful LGBTQ+ families.

How old do you have to be to adopt in Kansas? Is there an adoption age limit?

There’s no specified age requirement to adopt in Kansas laws, but hopeful parents should be at least ten years older than the child they wish to adopt. Adoption agencies may have their own preferences about the age ranges of potential adoptive parents, as well. American Adoptions requests that adoptive parents be between the ages of 22 to 50 years old, but exceptions have been made.

Can a felon adopt a child in Kansas?

During the home study, your social worker and the court will examine the nature of the felony and any other past offenses on your criminal record(s). If the felony was non-violent and did not involve child or domestic abuse or neglect, the court and your social worker may approve you to adopt.

All adults within an adoptive home are required to undergo criminal background and abuse checks, typically on both a state and federal level. Potential adoptive parents who have been convicted of a felony may be approved by the court on a case-by-case basis during the home study, so they’ll need to first apply through their adoption agency before reaching that point in the Kansas adoption process.

What do I need to adopt a child in Kansas? And how hard is it to adopt a baby?

In addition to the basic legal adoption requirements in Kansas, there are other factors that adoption agencies consider when approving potential adoptive parents. These include:

Health Requirements

You don’t need to be a triathlete, but the general health of your family is taken into account by home study providers and agencies like American Adoptions when approving parents to adopt. Your home study requires you to provide recent medical statements to ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy enough to care for an infant.

Financial Requirements

You don’t need to own your home or be wealthy to adopt, but your adoption agency and home study provider will want to verify that you’re financially stable enough to provide for a child at this point in your life. Financial statements are collected as part of your Kansas home study.

Emotional Requirements

While not as straightforward as proving that you’re legally, physically, and financially able to adopt, the emotional requirements to adopt in Kansas are potentially the most important to the adoption process. Emotional adoption requirements primarily include:

  • Leaving behind any infertility grief you may have experienced so you can move from the dream of having a baby biologically to the dream of having a baby via adoption.

  • Being educated and emotionally prepared for the adoption process, and the intense highs and lows that accompany it.

  • Being united with your spouse in your intention to adopt, and having a similar vision of how you want the adoption to go. Spousal support and being on the same page is vital.

  • Being prepared to have a relationship with your child’s birth family, and letting go of the need to have your child genetically look or behave like you and your spouse.

  • Being excited about and committed to adoption and everything that comes with it. This is something that adoption agencies use as an indicator for success in both potential adoptive parents and expectant parents planning to place a baby for adoption.

To find out if you meet the qualifications for adoption in Kansas, or to start the aodption process with American Adoptions today, request more free adoption information online.

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