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Birth Father Rights in Massachusetts

Can You Pursue Adoption With or Without His Consent?

Some pregnant women considering adoption in MA have the full support and involvement of the birth father while creating their adoption plan. Sometimes expectant parents will even create an adoption plan for their baby together. Other times, a birth father might be uninvolved or unsupportive of the adoption decision, or the expectant mother may not be sure who the father of her baby is.

In those instances, many women ask if they can pursue adoption without the father’s participation in Massachusetts.

Frequently asked questions about birth father rights in Massachusetts have included:

  • “Can I choose adoption when the father is unknown in MA?”

  • “Can I give my baby up for adoption without the father’s consent in Massachusetts?”

  • “Does the birth father have to agree to adoption in MA? What if one of us wants to place the baby for adoption, but the other does not?”

For answers to all your questions about birth father rights in Massachusetts, call 1-800-ADOPTION or request free adoption information online now.

The following information will give you a basic idea of the most important birth father rights for adoption in Massachusetts. But you should always talk to your adoption specialist or a MA adoption attorney about your individual situation, as the information in this article is not legal advice.

What Your Relationship with Your Baby’s Father Means for Your Adoption

No two relationships are alike. American Adoptions has worked with birth mothers who have been in any kind of relationship with the birth father of their baby, including those who were:

  • Married to the father of the child they placed for adoption in Massachusetts

  • In a relationship with their baby’s biological father

  • Mothers to other children, who may or may not have the same father

  • Single

  • Friends with the father of their baby, but not currently in a relationship with them

  • In an unhealthy relationship with the father of their baby, which may be one of the reasons why they chose adoption for themselves and their child

  • Unsure of the birth father’s identity or how to get in touch with him

Regardless of the relationship you have or had with your baby’s biological father, you may still be able to choose adoption in Massachusetts.

Adoption Without Parental Consent of the Father in Massachusetts

For pregnant women who wish to choose adoption for their baby when the birth father is uninvolved, unsupportive or unknown during the MA adoption process, adoption without the father’s participation may be possible.

If you believe that your adoption would need to proceed without the birth father’s involvement, call us at 1-800-ADOPTION now. You can speak with an adoption specialist about what options are legally available to you in your individual situation.

While adoption without parental consent in Massachusetts is possible in some cases, it’s done on an individual basis. It may not be a legally viable option in every circumstance. So contact us now to discuss your situation and we’ll talk about which steps you can take next.

Understanding Birth Father Rights in Massachusetts

Birth fathers are an important part of the Massachusetts adoption process. Many birth fathers remain involved and supportive throughout the lives of adopted children through an open adoption.

The first step you should take as a birth father is to educate yourself about your birth father rights in adoption under Massachusetts law.

If you intend to consent to the adoption:

You can join the birth mother in the creation of an adoption plan for your baby, which includes choosing adoptive parents together and more. Or, you can create your own birth father adoption plan by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

If you disagree with the mother’s adoption decision:

If you decide not to support the birth mother’s adoption choice, you must formally contest the adoption through several legal steps. Contact a MA adoption attorney to learn more.

Just as every relationship between two expectant parents is going to be unique, every adoption situation is going to be just as unique. To learn more about what’s legally available in your situation and to learn more about birth father rights in Massachusetts adoptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION today.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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