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Give Baby Up for Adoption in Massachusetts

How to Make an Adoption Plan for Your Baby in MA

If you’re pregnant and thinking about giving baby up for adoption in Massachusetts, you may be feeling overwhelmed facing such a major decision. But you don’t have to go through the adoption process on your own.

To learn more about adoption in Massachusetts, contact us online or call us at 1-800-ADOPTION now.

The first step you should take is to learn more about all of your pregnancy options, including adoption in Massachusetts:

While American Adoptions specializes in supporting and educating women who are placing a baby for adoption in Massachusetts, adoption isn’t the right option for every pregnant woman. Whatever you decide, we’ll be here to provide 24/7 support and information without judgment.

The following are the first basic questions that most women ask themselves when they’re pregnant and thinking about adoption in Massachusetts. The answers may help you learn more about whether or not choosing adoption for your child is right for you.

“Is Adoption in Massachusetts the Right Option for Me?”

At American Adoptions, we believe that adoption in Massachusetts is the unplanned pregnancy option that is able to benefit the greatest number of people in what begins as a frightening situation. But is adoption right for you?

You’ve probably heard common phrases like “putting a baby up for adoption in Massachusetts” or “giving a baby up for adoption,” but phrases that suggest that expectant mothers “give their babies away” are misinformed about what modern adoptions in MA are actually like and place blame on women who are doing what they believe is the best for their child.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption in Massachusetts, you’re already putting the wellbeing of your baby first by wanting them to have the best life possible. For some women and their babies, this means placing their child with a loving family who has been waiting to meet you.

Common questions asked by people who are thinking about adoption in Massachusetts at this stage often include:

For answers to these questions and more, call 1-800-ADOPTION and speak with an adoption specialist now.

“What Happens If I Decide to Place My Baby for Adoption in MA?”

If you’ve decided that giving your baby up for adoption in Massachusetts is what’s right for you and your child, you’ll create a personalized adoption plan. This includes deciding:

  • Who you want to become your child’s adoptive family

  • How you’d like your hospital experience to go

  • The amount of post-adoption communication you feel comfortable sharing with your child and their family

  • And more

Remember: all of the decisions in the adoption planning process belong to you. You call the shots.

We’ll be here to walk you through all of the options available to you and give you support throughout the legal and emotional steps of putting your baby up for adoption in Massachusetts.

“How Do I Choose Adoptive Parents in MA?”

Chances are you already have an image of the ideal family for your child. Maybe the adoptive parents are college basketball fans, like you. Maybe they live near an ocean, where they’ll take family trips. Maybe your baby will grow up with lots of siblings, like you always wanted to.

Choosing an adoptive family for your child often comes down to what you feel is most important in a prospective family and that sense of “knowing” when you see the right family’s adoption profile on our website.

The steps for finding adoptive parents when you’re giving baby up for adoption in Massachusetts typically include:

  • Talking with your American Adoptions specialist about what kind of family you hope your baby will have.

  • Your adoption specialist showing you adoption profiles of waiting parents who match what you’re envisioning.

  • Getting to know the potential adoptive parents via conference call.

  • The opportunity to continue communicating with the family you choose throughout the rest of your pregnancy until delivery.

  • Establishing whatever post-adoption relationship you all feel comfortable with via an open adoption.

The relationship between birth and adoptive families is a special one that often lasts a lifetime. When you’re giving a baby up for adoption in Massachusetts, you’ll be choosing the adoptive family and deciding how much post-adoption contact you’re comfortable with.

“Will I Have Contact with My Child and Their Family After the Adoption?”

Giving up a baby for adoption in Massachusetts doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with your child and their family. You can choose to have an open adoption, as 90 percent of birth parents do. When you opt to have an open adoption vs closed adoption in Massachusetts, you’ll stay a part of each other’s lives.

Open adoption communication after giving up a baby for adoption in Massachusetts can include:

  • Emails

  • Letters

  • Calls

  • Photos

  • Visits

  • And more

You can have as much or as little post-adoption communication as you like. Open adoptions are flexible and often naturally evolve and change over time to suit whatever makes everyone in the adoption feel happy and loved. Some birth parents decide to have more open adoptions, while others choose to have a more closed adoption with less frequent contact. The decision will be up to you — and your adoption specialist will explain all your options as you create your post-placement contact plan.

This choice, and all others that come with placing a baby for adoption in Massachusetts, are yours to make as you see fit.

Learn more about how to give a baby up for adoption in MA by calling 1-800-ADOPTION now for free adoption information with no obligation.

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