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Find an Adoptive Family in Nebraska

How to Find the Perfect Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

Do you have an image in your mind of the perfect family for your child? We can help you find that family looking to adopt a newborn in Nebraska.

A national adoption agency like American Adoptions allows you to choose from couples waiting to adopt in Nebraska and throughout the U.S. rather than restricting you to just the adoptive parents living in your immediate area. This means that you’re going to find an adoptive family like the one you’ve been picturing.

How many families want to adopt in Nebraska?

Estimates suggest that there are 2 million couples looking to adopt in Nebraska and throughout the United States at any given time. This means that for every one child placed for adoption, there are 2 million adoption waiting families who are hoping to adopt that one child, so there are always plenty of waiting adoptive families for you to choose from in Nebraska and across the U.S.

Can I pick a family to adopt my baby in Nebraska?

Absolutely! You’ll be the one to choose a family waiting to adopt in Nebraska or anywhere in the U.S. In fact, you’re in charge of every decision in the adoption process. All of your choices will be outlined within a personalized adoption plan. Call 1-800-ADOPTION to make your adoption plan now.

Can people from a different state adopt my baby, or do they have to live in Nebraska?

Working with a national adoption agency allows you to choose from adoptive families who live anywhere within the United States. Some birth parents decide to choose an adoptive family in Nebraska. Other birth parents prefer an adoptive family who lives in another state because they feel more comfortable with some distance in their adoption. It’s all a matter of your personal preference.

All adoptive parents who adopt through American Adoptions are ready to travel to wherever you reside in Nebraska for the birth of the baby in addition to post-adoption visits, if you want them to.

Search adoptive couples by their state of residence here.

What is the religion of the adoptive parents? Can I choose the religion of the family who adopts my baby?

For many birth parents, faith plays a significant role in their lives, so the faith of a potential adoptive family is equally important. American Adoptions works with adoptive couples of many different religions. If it’s important to you that your baby be raised by parents of a specific faith, we can help you find an adoptive family in Nebraska or anywhere else in the U.S. that shares your spiritual beliefs.

Search adoptive couples by their religious affiliation here.

How do I choose someone to adopt my baby in Nebraska?  

The “perfect” adoptive family will look different to everyone who is choosing adoption for their baby. Many women who’ve successfully placed a baby for adoption through American Adoptions have said that they simply felt a sense of connection when they saw the adoption profile of their baby’s future family!

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, asking yourself the following questions can be helpful:

  • Where do you picture your child and their family living?

  • Do you imagine them having siblings?

  • What do you think their parents might be like?

  • How frequently do you want to talk with your child and their family after the adoption?

To talk about the qualities you’d love to see in potential adoptive parents, call 1-800-ADOPTION now. We’ll connect you with adoptive families in Nebraska and throughout the U.S. who best fit what you’re searching for.

Where do I find NE adoption profiles online?

Right here! All of the waiting families listed on this website are already approved to adopt in Nebraska. If you see an adopting couple that you’d like to get to know, call 1-800-ADOPTION.

I know people who want to adopt a baby in Nebraska — what do I do next?

If you can skip the step where you search for adoptive parents for your baby, then we can move on to walking you through the remainder of the Nebraska adoption process. You’ve already taken care of the most challenging step!

Remember: it’s very important that you complete your adoption through a licensed adoption professional, even if you know and trust your baby’s prospective adoptive parents. This is crucial for protecting yourself and your baby. It also ensures that you’ll receive free adoption services which you wouldn’t receive otherwise, like:

  • Free medical care

  • Free legal representation

  • Free counseling and emotional support, available 24/7

  • And more

Call 1-800-ADOPTION to learn how to find adoptive parents in Nebraska, or you can start looking for adoptive parents for your baby right now here.

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