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Adoption in Watertown, SD

Watertown Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

As a national, full-service adoption agency, American Adoptions has worked with thousands of couples hoping to adopt, as well as women who consider placing their child for adoption in Watertown, throughout South Dakota and across the United States. Even though we don’t have the same geographical placement that a local agency will, our agency has quite a number of notable services. Some of the great services that we provide are:

  • Providing prospective birth mothers with free 24/7 counseling and educational resources about adoption.
  • Helping potential birth parents and adoptive families find adoption opportunities through networking and advertising
  • Post-placement services to make the transition to life after the adoption smooth

And so much more! Remember, just because you live in Watertown, South Dakota, it’s doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to the adoptive families and expectant parents that live in your state. If you would like to start learning about the great services American Adoptions can provide for an adoption in Watertown, please call 1-800-ADOPTION, where you’ll be able to receive free information from a trained counselor.

If, on the other hand, you would like to proceed with a local adoption agency, you can contact any one of the following professionals below for a Watertown adoption.

Foster Care Professionals in Watertown

Choosing to become a foster parent or adopt from foster care is a rewarding and life-changing journey. Every year, there are thousands of children waiting to meet their forever family. You could provide the kind of home they’ve always wanted.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent for a Watertown adoption, contact any one of these professionals.

You can also contact your local DSS agency for more helpful resources to learn how to become a foster parent in Watertown.

International Adoption in Watertown

An adoption in Watertown doesn’t only have to be within the United States. Many adoptive families adopt abroad — you could be one of them!

To start learning about the requirements to become an international adoptive parent, contact any of the following agencies:

Adoption Home Study in Watertown

Completing an adoption home study demonstrates that you are more than ready to bring a child into your home. As such, it is an essential part of every adoptive family’s journey. For an adoption home study in Watertown, the following agencies can assist:

Before you start collecting the necessary paperwork, like medical statements and background checks and clearances, contact a local home study professional.  They will be able to tell you which documents are necessary for your adoption in Watertown and what you need to prepare in advance. As the home study is usually the lengthiest part of any adoption, it’s best to get started early.

You can also visit at any time for additional resources during your Watertown adoption.

Find an Adoption Attorney in Watertown

Learning the legal requirements needed to complete an adoption in Watertown can leave some families confused. That’s why, regardless of whether you’re an adoptive family or a prospective birth parent, an adoption attorney is necessary. They can help explain your legal rights during an adoption and will be able to assist during the finalization process.

If you decide to work with American Adoptions, we can help connect you with a trusted attorney. If you decide to work with a local agency, you’ll most likely need to research different adoption attorneys in South Dakota. Some Watertown adoption attorneys include:

Hospitals in Watertown, SD

The hospital stay is an emotional time for everyone involved in the adoption. If you are a woman considering adoption in Watertown and working with American Adoptions, you’ll need to complete an adoption hospital plan. You social worker will work closely with you to make sure this plan is tailed to your needs.

For your adoption in Watertown, the delivery will likely be at one of the following hospitals.

To start creating your hospital plan, or to starting learning about an adoption in Watertown, please call 1-800-ADOPTION with no obligation to choose adoption.

Watertown Court

Finalization is one of the most exciting steps for every adoptive family. After completing the necessary post-placement visits during your adoption in Watertown, your social worker and adoption attorney will work with you to schedule your finalization hearing. Once the hearing is complete, your child will be an official member of your family, and you will have permanent legal custody of them.

You can contact American Adoptions at any time to learn what to expect during the finalization hearing. To learn more about court proceedings for an adoption in Watertown, contact your Codington County Court for more information.

Great Activities in Watertown

Getting to explore a new city is always exciting, especially when it comes to an adoption. If you’re traveling to Watertown to complete your adoption, or if you’re just visiting to see the town where your child was born in, there’s plenty to do:

To learn more about an adoption in Watertown with American Adoptions, please call 1-800-ADOPTION to receive free information. 

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