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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Abilene, TX

Abilene Adoption Agencies, Lawyers and More

Whether you’re an expectant birth mother or a hopeful adoptive parent considering adoption, you are making a wonderful choice because adoption opens the door to so many opportunities. 

There are many helpful services and professionals involved when it comes to completing a successful adoption, but how do you know which of those are best for you?

If you’re a hopeful adoptive parent or an expectant parent considering placing a baby in Abilene, there are plenty of great resources available for you on your journey.

“I just knew I wasn't ready at that time in my life to give my son everything I thought he truly needed and deserved. American Adoptions and the amazing couple that adopted my son has made it capable for me to live my life now,” said Heather, a birth mother who chose adoption through American Adoptions.

Heather is just one of the many amazing individuals our agency has guided through the adoption process. American Adoptions is equipped with years of experience in completing successful placements, often facilitated by staff who have gone through the adoption process themselves as adoptees, birth parents or adoptive parents.

This guide will help give you a head start on your research, providing you with information on the best options to help your dreams of adoption in Abilene come true.

Adoption Agencies in Abilene, TX [What They Can Do for You]

As a full-service, national adoption agency licensed in Texas, American Adoptions works with pregnant women and adoptive families throughout the domestic infant adoption process.

Both prospective adoptive parents and expectant birth parents will have more opportunities available to them when they work with American Adoptions. Given our national scope, we are able to provide more services and potential match opportunities than that of a smaller, regional or local agency. These services include:

  • 24/7 counseling. Even if you’re certain adoption is what’s best for your baby, the complicated emotions that come with it can be tough to navigate. Our adoption counselors are here for you 24/7.

  • Financial assistance. You have enough to think about without adding financial stress to the mix. Adoption is always free to you as an expectant birth parent and we can assist in covering pregnancy costs and living expenses.

  • Home study services for adoptive parents. The home study is a vital part of the adoption process. With American Adoptions, our social workers are licensed to complete your home study.

  • Matching services. If you’re an adoptive family, our specialists will create your adoption profile for you. Your profile will then be shown to expectant birth mothers to determine if you’re the perfect match to raise her baby.

  • Perspective from staff with firsthand adoption experience. Many of our adoption specialists have gone through the adoption experience themselves and know what it takes to complete a successful placement. They will be able to offer you a unique perspective and the empathy you deserve at this time.

“I knew in my heart I had made the right decision. I had no fears regarding the adoptive family and we walked out of the hospital together. The adoptive family took me home and that is when I finally cried. They assured me that they will take good care of her and I knew in my heart that they would,” said Tiffany, a brave birth mother.

By choosing to work with our experienced adoption staff for your adoption in Abilene, you will always be prepared with the appropriate resources to adopt or place your baby for adoption. Our personal adoption experience gives us insight into what hopeful adoptive parents and expectant birth parents need during the adoption process.

 To learn more about our agency services, please contact our specialists anytime.

Foster Care Adoption in Abilene

Although American Adoptions specializes in domestic infant adoption, we understand the importance of other opportunities for adoption. Hopeful adoptive parents who are interested in opening their homes to an older child, sibling group or child with special needs might consider adopting through the foster care system.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent or in completing a foster adoption in Abilene, these agencies can provide more information and services:

International Adoption in Abilene

Although not as common as it once was, international adoption is another great option for parents hoping to expand their family with a child from another country. With two countries being involved, there are added requirements and regulations to ensure intercountry adoptions are being completed safely and legally. The process can be long and complex, but adoption specialists are here to keep you on track to achieve the ultimate family-building goal.

Once you determine international adoption in Abilene is the right path toward your adoption goals, contact either of the local agencies below to start planning:

Abilene Adoption Lawyers

No matter the type of adoption you choose to pursue, adoption attorneys are needed throughout the adoption process. Representation ensures that adoptive and prospective birth parents are always on the same page and that their adoption process is being completed legally. Abilene adoption attorneys will be there to help guide you through the Texas adoption laws, help complete your adoption finalization, and more.

If you’re a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent working with American Adoptions, your adoption specialist will help coordinate your legal counsel through our network of trusted adoption attorneys and your attorney fees will be covered. This helps take the stress away of having to find your own so you can focus on other aspects of the adoption.

And when you’re a prospective birth parent, all of your legal fees will be covered by adoption financial assistance. You won’t have to worry about any bills from your Abilene adoption attorney.

Not all agencies provide legal support. If you need to locate an Abilene adoption attorney on your own, here are a few attorneys that can answer any questions you may have:

Home Study Professionals for Adoption in Abilene

All prospective adoptive parents must complete a home study with a Texas-licensed professional, no matter the type of adoption they’re interested in pursuing.

The home study is essentially an evaluation of your readiness to become a parent. It will examine your background, health records, and financial records and include home visits.

American Adoptions is licensed to provide adoption home study services in Texas so, if you adopt through our agency, you won’t need to find a separate professional for this step. We are also able to provide Abilene adoption home study services for families adopting through another professional. The home study is essentially an evaluation of your readiness to become a parent. It will include:  

  • A background check

  • Review of health records

  • Review of financial records

  • Home visits

Home studies are in the best interest of the entire adoption triad. It ensures that the adoptive family is prepared to raise and support a child, which gives the birth mother peace of mind and, more importantly, guarantees the wellbeing of the child.

You can find additional home study providers in Texas here.

Abilene Hospitals for Maternity Care and Delivery

For pregnant women choosing adoption in Abilene, American Adoptions includes creating a birth plan as part of the adoption planning process. Having a plan in place for your pregnancy and delivery will keep you from having to make decisions on the fly or experiencing unexpected situations.

Your birth plan will include:

  • The hospital at which you’ll deliver your child

  • Who will be in the hospital room at what times

  • How you prefer placement to be handled

All of these can be discussed with your specialist when making your Abilene adoption plan. Remember that financial assistance is available and that medical costs associated with pregnancy and birth are covered for expectant mothers in Abilene.

By choosing to place your baby for adoption through American Adoptions, you are choosing to be prepared and well taken care of throughout your adoption journey. From our own personal adoption experience, we know how overwhelming the hospital portion of the process may seem.  Your adoption specialist will answer any questions you have and will coordinate everything with the hospital on your behalf.

To research available hospital options in the Abilene area, follow the links below:

Abilene Adoption Finalization Courts

The last requirement in the adoption process is the adoption finalization. After placement has occurred, you will work with your adoption specialist and attorney to schedule a finalization hearing. This hearing will take place in the Taylor County court system, where a judge will review all home study documentation and ask several questions to better understand your situation.

When the judge is satisfied with the information received, they will issue a final decree of adoption, which means your child is legally recognized as a member of your family. The birth parents are not required to attend the finalization hearing.

Although the requirements are complete, your adoption specialist will be available for any post-placement support needed, as you adjust to your new life as a parent.

The choice to adopt or place a child for adoption can be an amazing decision. Having the right resources by your side is important to the overall experience and success. When you are ready, adoption specialists are here to help.

To get more information about adoption in Abilene with our agency, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online any time.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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