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Adoption in Amarillo, TX

Amarillo Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

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Whether you’re a waiting parent or a pregnant woman considering adoption in Amarillo, TX, you’re making a wonderful choice because of the services, support, and guidance you’ll receive throughout this process.

American Adoptions is here to help.

“Ten years later, and I am now going to school to begin my career as a Medical Practice Manager, and I honestly don’t think I would be in this place if it wasn’t for the support I received from American Adoptions. Finding them has changed my life, and the life of that 5 lb. 6 oz. little girl I delivered that day,” said Brittnee, a birth mother who gave her baby the gift of a family through American Adoptions.

Many of the staff at American Adoption have their own personal experience with adoption as adoptive parents, birth parents, or even adoptees themselves. This experience allows us to provide you with an understanding of the service and beneficial resources that go into completing a successful placement.

Need more help finding Amarillo adoption resources? If you can’t find it below, you can always call us at 1-800-ADOPTION or get free adoption information online now.

Amarillo Adoption Agencies [What They Can Do For You]

When you choose to work with American Adoptions, you are choosing high-quality services and care for you and your family. Working with a national adoption agency—like American Adoptions—over a smaller local professional means prospective birth mothers and adoptive parents gain several important benefits.

As a full-service agency, American Adoptions is able to provide you with all the services you’ll need to complete a domestic adoption in Amarillo from beginning to end. We’re licensed not only in Texas but in multiple states, which means we are held to the highest standards in adoption. You can trust that American Adoptions does things the right way.

As a leading national adoption agency, American Adoptions is able to provide you with everything you need for an adoption in Amarillo, including:

  • Financial support. An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming enough without incorporating financial stress. You won’t have to pay for any of our adoption services as an expectant birth mother. We will work with you to determine what living expenses and pregnancy costs we will be covering.

  • 24/7 emotional support for expectant parents. Our adoption counselors are available to help you cope with any difficult emotions you may be experiencing and discuss all of your unplanned pregnancy options with you.

  • Personal adoption experience.  American Adoptions adoption specialists can offer empathetic service and informative perspectives thanks to our own personal adoption experiences.

  •   Texas home study services for adoptive parents. A home study must be completed before your adoption can be finalized. American Adoptions offers our own home study services. Thanks to our personal adoption experience, we know that the home study can seem overwhelming at first, but our adoption specialists will be there to walk you through the process step by step.

“I changed at least three people’s lives for the better: Her adoptive parents, Steve and Adriana, and of course our daughter Emma. That is the most wonderful feeling. I can't describe it verbally. How often can you make a gift to someone that has such an impact? A forever impact!” said Sharon, a birth mother who placed her baby for adoption with American Adoptions.

As a licensed Texas adoption agency with office locations throughout the Lone Star state, we’ll be nearby and available through every step of the process. Our primary Texas office is located at: 

700 N. Carroll Ave.
Suite 160
Southlake, TX 76092

Call us any time to start your Amarillo adoption process or learn more about our services.

Home Study Professionals for Adoption in Amarillo

In order to adopt a child in Amarillo, an adoptive family must first be approved by a Texas-licensed home study professional. American Adoptions is a licensed home study provider in Texas, and we’re happy to offer home study services for adoption in Amarillo, even if prospective adoption parents aren’t adopting a child through our agency.

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Amarillo, TX

American Adoptions works with prospective birth mothers and hopeful parents pursuing domestic infant adoption, but there are other ways to adopt. As hopeful parents, you may find that foster care adoption is best for your family. For families who hope to adopt a child from foster care, the following Amarillo resources may be able to help you learn more:

International Adoption Agencies in Amarillo

Aside from domestic infant and foster care adoption in Amarillo, some families also consider international adoption. This can be another beautiful way to start or grow a family. You can learn more about adopting a child from another country when you contact the following Texas international adoption agencies:

Amarillo Adoption Attorneys

An Amarillo adoption attorney is necessary to facilitate some of the legal steps of adoption in Texas. They can inform you about Texas adoption laws and finalization procedures. American Adoptions retains legal counsel for our birth and adoptive parents, so you don’t have to find a lawyer on your own, and adoption financial assistance pays the attorney fees for the expectant parents.

But, if you need to find an outside attorney for adoption in Amarillo, you can contact any of the following:

Maternity Hospitals in Amarillo

Part of the adoption planning process for expectant mothers who are “giving a baby up” for adoption in Amarillo is the creation of a personal hospital plan. This helps you decide what you want to happen at the hospital before you go into labor so that you won’t have to worry about it later on.

We know that you might have a lot of questions as your due date approaches. Your adoption specialist will always be available to lend their support and answer any questions you may have. While you get to be in control of your hospital plan, your adoption specialist will make all of the appropriate arrangements with the hospital so that you can focus on your pregnancy.

Any of the following hospitals in Amarillo can assist you with your pregnancy and delivery needs, and could be included in your hospital plan:

1501 South Coulter Street, Amarillo, TX 79106

(806) 354-1000

1301 S Coulter St # 300, Amarillo, TX 79106

(806) 355-6330

1400 S. Coulter Street, Amarillo, TX 79106

(806) 414-9650

Amarillo Adoption Finalization Courts

This is the big day! Following placement, adoptions in Amarillo will need to be finalized in your local county district court. Your social worker will conduct home visits after you have taken the baby home to assess that everyone is adjusting well to the placement. With this information, your social worker will draft a report that will be presented to a judge. The judge will issue a decree of adoption which makes your baby an official legal member of your family!

You can find your court for Amarillo adoptions here:

To get additional help finding resources for adoption in Amarillo, TX, we will help. Whether you’re hoping to adopt a child or considering “giving up” a baby for adoption in Amarillo, call 1-800-ADOPTION now for free information.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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