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Birth Father Rights in Vermont

Can You Choose Adoption Without the Birth Father’s Consent in VT?

When it comes to the birth father, every prospective birth mother has her own unique story. Some women considering an adoption get to experience the love and support from their husband or partner during their pregnancy. Other women have to go through their pregnancy without the support or involvement of their baby’s father, and want to know if adoption without parental consent is possible in Vermont.

Regardless of your situation, our agency can help explain the birth father rights in adoption in Vermont and what to do in your situation. To get free information now, please call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a trained specialist. You’ll be able to discuss all of your options for an adoption with or without the father’s consent at no obligation to choose adoption in Vermont.

Do You Need the Father’s Consent for Adoption in Vermont?

If you have an unsupportive birth father, or if you’re unsure of who or where he is, rest assured — you’re not alone. Millions of women across the United States have been in your shoes. There are several reasons why you may start wondering how to proceed with an adoption without a father in Vermont.

  • Unsupportive Birth Father - If you’re wondering how to put a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent in Vermont, it may be possible depending on your situation. Many birth mothers are in a situation where they are wary of telling or involving the birth father in the adoption plan (for a number of reasons).

  • Unknown Birth Father - Typically, every effort must be made to find the birth father before you can complete a legal adoption without father’s consent in Vermont (as in most states). However, adoption with an unknown father can still be an option for you; contact an adoption specialist to learn more.

  • Married to the Birth Father - Most states require the birth father’s consent for the adoption if you are married. Without your spouse’s consent, an adoption usually cannot proceed; however, it depends on the specifics of your situation. It’s important to talk to your adoption specialist or adoption attorney if you are considering a child adoption without father’s consent in Vermont.

In short, adoption without knowing the father, an adoption without consent, and an adoption with an unsupportive birth father can all be possible in Vermont, but it will depend on your unique circumstance.

Supportive Birth Fathers

Sometimes our partners are supportive of all of choices — even the ones they might not agree with. If you are a birth father that’s supportive of the adoption, you can help your partner by learning more about your birth father rights in adoption. In Vermont, a man is presumed to be the father if:

  • The child is born while the birth parents are still married to one another

  • The alleged parents have voluntarily acknowledged paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage form

  • The likelihood that the man is the birthfather is over 98 percent, as determined by a genetic test

If you are not presumed to be the father in Vermont, you will need to fill out the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage form in Vermont. Talk to an adoption attorney to learn more about establishing your birth fathers’ rights to an unborn child in Vermont.

Being on board with the process is invaluable to the adoption. If you would like to feel more involved in the process, an adoption specialist can also help you create an adoption plan at any time.

How Can I Tell the Birth Father About My Pregnancy and the Adoption?

Often, telling the birth father that you’re pregnant can feel like an insurmountable task. It feels harder when you plan to tell him that you’ve decided to place the baby for adoption. Here are some of the best ways to tell the birth father that you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant:

  1. Write an Email – Sometimes it’s easier to talk to one another in the safety of your home. If you’re having trouble getting in contact with the birth father face to face, or if you need help collecting your thoughts, you can write an email to him. Writing your thoughts out with pen and paper can also help in this situation.

  2. Have Your Adoption Specialist or Adoption Attorney Speak to Him – If you’re not comfortable talking to the birth father about your plans for adoption, your adoption specialist or adoption attorney may be able to talk to him first. If you’re thinking about this option, talk to your adoption specialist about your situation.

  3. Talk to Him in Person or Over the Phone - For situations like these, face-to-face interaction is often the best. You’ll be able to discuss both of your feelings, and you’ll be able to talk through any concerns he may have about the adoption plan.

Whatever your circumstances may be, pursing an adoption without the birth father in Vermont can feel impossible. By calling 1-800-ADOPTION, we can help with your unique situation at no obligation to choose adoption.

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