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Bryahnna's Scholarship Story

Since I was a small child I have always dreamed of going to college. Six days after placing my baby up for adoption, I returned to finish my final year of high school. I was weeks behind all the other students. I made the choice to catch up, and then I enrolled my self in college as well. Having so much on my plate helped me to cope with my emotions, but most of all it helped me realize that I' am a strong person, and my college dreams were now a reality. After graduation from high school I plan on attending a community college that I was enrolled in during high school. I plan on staying here for my first year. Then I will be moving to Gainesville and transferring to the University of Florida. I would like to graduate from UF with my masters in Pharmacy. These are my plans and with your help they will become a reality. I come from a family of five brothers and sisters; I am the second oldest. My father never finished middle school and has always struggled throughout his life to make it to the top. This has made me realize how hard life can be without an education. My family has never been rich. Especially since my father was the only one working, because my mother was at home raising us- As a child we were always moving around. We finally bought our first house when I was 16 years old. My father and mother still have three other children to support, therefore it would be near impossible for them to put me through school. This is why I would love to be considered for this scholarship. I should be considered for a scholarship because after all the emotional pain I was in after my adoption I went back to school and did what I promised my self I would do. After placing my daughter Faith up for adoption, I knew what I had to do. I had to make my daughter proud, and fulfill my dreams- I would love to have a scholarship from you.

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